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Official Roland-Garros 2012 App For Android Hits Google Play Store

It’s May, meaning launch time for the French Open Tennis Tournament month for the year, and yet another chance for Rafael Nadal to stake his claim of being the real champion of the red clay courts of Stade Roland Garros. The tournament’s official mobile app, titled Roland-Garros 2012, was released in the iOS App Store for Tennis-loving iOS fans almost a month ago, whereas the official Android variant of the app has just arrived in the Google Play Store. Like its iOS counterpart, the Android version of the app also packs loads of Tennis-flavored multimedia and information. This proud presentation of Orange Mobile and IBM vows to keep you apprised with virtually anything related to the tournament, and the surrounding areas of the host arena.

The app intends to be your companion before, during and even after the tournament, as it brings to you live scores, news, fixtures, tables, results, player profiles. In addition, the app also displays high quality images from various news stories, and brings you the latest Roland Garros video content from Dailymotion. That’s not all; it supports high quality 3D virtual maps/tours of the arena and its vicinity to make you feel at home while you attend the event.

Roland-Garros-2012-Android-Live Roland-Garros-2012-Android-News

The app’s main interface comprises a total of five tabs, namely live, news, sche./res. my RG, visit. The tab at the bottom is dedicated to listing all the latest Dailymotion video clips pertaining to the tournament, in particular. Once the tournament gets underway, you can start following all the ongoing action from the various tennis courts from under the live tab. To keep abreast of the latest news content regarding the event, hit the news tab. The best photos from all the underlying news stories are displayed via thumbnails on a scrollable slide right beneath this tab. Apart from binging you live breaking news alerts, the app also supports alerting you about the progress of a maximum of 5 players of choice.

Roland-Garros-2012-Android-Videos Roland-Garros-2012-Android-Player

The sche./res. tab is dedicated to bringing you the schedules and results of upcoming and past games from the tournament, respectively. The my RG tab is from where you can associate your various social network profiles with the app to share the best content on Facebook/Twitter. Moreover, you can start following your favorite players, check out latest match and player tweets, and participate in active discussions regarding the tournament from the same screen.


The last tab on the app’s main interface, visit, is from where you can get the detailed list of all the men and women tennis players participating in this year’s tournament. Moreover, it is from this very screen that you can launch the highly immersive 3D virtual tours of the arena itself and its surroundings.


Once the app’s virtual visit interface fully loads, you’re ready to step into the almost real-looking world of Stade Roland Garros, complete with 360 degree virtual tours, seat view, city and arena map, parking information, transportation facilities, interactive game center, nearby amenities tracker, taxi stands and lots more.


The virtual tours of the app are supplemented aptly with quick navigation buttons right throughout the 3D view. Moreover, you’re presented with a quick view window and a placemark to instantly see what area of the 3D model you’re currently standing at. In addition, you can select from three different games from within the 3D tour screen. Playing games fetches crucial experience points (XPs) that you can post to Facebook to enter the coveted Hall Of Fame.



Download Roland-Garros 2012 for Android


Download Roland-Garros 2012 for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Update: The app seems to have been removed from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store shortly after the end of the tournament.

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