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Use An Ok Google Command To Have All Your Notifications Read Out Loud

Ok Google is a very popular Android feature and in March of this year, Google opened the API up to developers. Doing so means developers can integrate app functionality with the OK Google command. Doing so will let users can invoke the app function with the ‘Ok Google’ command. OK Google Notifications is a free Android app that makes excellent use of the Ok Google feature and reads out all your notifications to you. The app is very basic at the moment so it has only one command that will read out all notifications but doesn’t let you tell the app to read out the last notification only or notifications from a specific app.

Install OK Google Notifications and allow it to access your notifications. You must have the sound for your device turned up in order for the app to read the notifications out loud.

Once you’ve granted the app the right permissions, say, Ok Google to invoke the feature. When Ok Google starts listening, say ‘Open my notifications’. The command will open the app. Tap the microphone button and your notifications will be read out loud. If you have no new notifications, the app will inform you of it.

OK Google Notifications-1 OK Google Notifications-2

OK Google Notifications works great and is a testament to how much use you can get out of Ok Google. It’s worth mentioning that your device and Android version must both support Ok Google. If you’ve used a root or other hack to enable Ok Google on your device, the app may or may not work.

This is the  first version of OK Google Notifications and new features are likely to be added which, hopefully will let you have the app read out notifications from a particular app or read out the last few notifications.

Install OK Google Notifications From The Google Play Store

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