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Path Player For Android Offers PiP, Floating Video Playback, WiFi Streaming & DLNA

Compared to most other mobile platforms, Android users have the luxury of choosing form a broad range of free, power-packed video players. Whether you’re looking for a player with a floating window to enjoy your videos atop your favorite app, or want one capable of playing almost all renowned video formats without requiring any additional plugins, rest assured that Google Play Store will have at least one quality option to cater to each use case scenario. Amidst such fierce competition, it can prove tough for a new entrant to impress a wide audience, especially if it has nothing new on the menu. Luckily, that’s not the case with Path Player – the latest addition to the huge list of feature-rich Android video players. Beside supporting MX Player-style universal file format support and gesture-based playback, brightness & volume controls, Path Player happens to be one of the few video streaming and playing apps supporting picture-in-picture video playback. The app can also be used as a floating video player. In addition, it has several other attractive features on offer, including dynamic walls, DLNA support, video bookmarking, content sharing over Wi-Fi, video screenshots and a plethora of customizations.


The app might not sport the most polished interface, but it certainly works flawlessly with almost all its features, and while we have seen most of its features implemented in other players, we have yet to come across any other app that combines all those features into a single media player.

Path-Player-Android-Library Path-Player-Android-Catalog

Apart from the aforementioned major features, Path Player has several other noteworthy options including:

  • Multiple views for the video library (List, Grid, Folder, Playlist & Category)
  • Playlist management, with quick access to your most frequently played and favorite videos
  • Custom categories can be assigned to videos

Path-Player-Android-Categories Path-Player-Android-Playlists

  • Native search tool
  • Advanced content sorting
  • Select a video to play right from the playback screen.
  • Touchscreen control locking
  • Password-protected file locking for personal videos
  • 1-tap sharing of favorite videos on Facebook and Twitter
  • Toggle between various video aspect ratios on the fly
  • Thumbnail previews while seeking videos (optional)
  • Personalization of various gesture & navigational and playback controls
  • Selection of default video decoders

Using the app’s picture-in-picture feature, you can simultaneously play two different videos on the same screen and swap between them to listen to the audio of the required one.


The bookmarking feature allows you to instantly jump to the required user-select segment(s) of a video with just a tap. If you wish to take a peek at the key scenes of the video without having to play it completely, you can use the Dynamic Walls feature.

Like most quality floating video players that we’ve seen till now, the popup video window has seek bar, basic playback controls and customizable gesture actions, along with the ability to resize and position it anywhere.

Path Player Floating Window

The player’s DLNA and WiFi-Share options make it dead-simple to stream video playback across multiple DLNA-enabled devices as well as any modern web browser.

Path-Player-Android-DLNA Path-Player-Android-Wi-Fi-Share

Path Player is a free app that requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher to run, and can be downloaded from the Play Store from the link provided below.

Download Path Player For Android


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