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Popular Twitter & Tumblr Mashup Pheed Comes To Android

If you’re keeping a tab on the social media sides of things, you might already be aware of Pheed. It’s a social network service launched back in October last year as a web app, followed by an iOS client in November. Since then, has become quite popular, attracting users’ attention from around the globe – specifically teens and youngsters. The service is primarily designed for sharing a variety of creative content such as photos, videos, audio and text with other Pheed users . In addition, it allows you to subscribe to a multitude of channels that suit your taste in order to discover content created by other users of the service. Although it was released on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad only, Pheed has now landed on Android as well. Lets take a closer look at the Android app of the service.

Pheed for Android sports an eye-catching interface. You can start using it by connecting to the service via your Facebook or Twitter. Though you can also alternatively sign up (or sign in if you already have an account) using your email address. If it’s the first time you’re using the service, you’ll have to provide your user account details, along with optional info for your profile such as a short bio, your photo and so on.

Pheed_Android Pheed_Facebook Pheed_Bio

Pheed has strict policies regarding the type of content it allows users to share on their timelines. Therefore, make sure you specify an appropriate channel rating like G, PG, PG-13, R, or X. The rating feature also makes it sure that you don’t encounter channels that you may find inappropriate or offending. Next up, you can specify a few initial channels to subscribe to (NASA, Linkin Park, Snoop Dog are already in there), and invite friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Pheed-rating Pheed-timeline start Pheed_Android-invite

Once past account setup wizard, you’re presented with Pheed’s landing screen that shares a few similarities with Twitter (Hashtags, anyone?). It presents a similar looking timeline that you can scroll through vertically. Though where Twitter only contains text based contents and with a few exceptions, shows links to related media, Pheeds display all shared content right within your timeline.

Tapping the miniscule buttons at the bottom let you navigate between timeline, search, new pheed (post), notifications and account settings. Pheed’s search feature lets you quickly discover content under pheeds, channels and hashtags. In terms of what you are allowed to share, you can attach pictures, music and videos to any of your pheeds.

Pheed_timeline Pheed-channels Pheed

Al in all, the Android app does justice to the service and provides a complete Pheed experience right from your smartphone. Pheed can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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