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picq For Android: Photo Collage Creator With Stylish Layouts & Effects

Photo collage creator and editor apps are available by the hundreds in both Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. As per your requirement, you can find the ideal app that merges your specific photo collections into a wonderful collage, complete with visually appealing layouts, effects, filters, frames et al. However, as is often the case with most such apps, you only get to select from a handful of collage layout templates, without enjoying much control over tweaking those images on an individual basis. This is where picq shines. This free Android app allows you to individually resize, reposition, enhance, decorate and apply effects to every single photo and then merges them into a collage layout of your choice. Using picq, you may create a highly customizable collage containing as many as nine different freshly captured or locally imported images. There are plenty of static and dynamic collage layouts to choose from, where the formation of each different template keeps changing based on the number of photos you wish to include in it.

picq-Android-Home picq-Android-Settings

Besides being a handy collage maker, picq boasts another attractive feature in the from of a Windows Phone style tile-based home screen that plays slideshow of photos from a folder on your SD card that you can choose. For this purpose, simply navigate to the app’s settings screen and enable the ‘Slideshow Env’ option to enjoy a custom slideshow on your home screen curated from your favorite photos. Please note that you will only be allowed to select a folder that contains five or more photos.

However, it’s the app’s collage-making capability that can be cited as its prime forte. picq allows you to save your photo-filled collages in three different resolutions: 400×400, 800×800 and 1024×1024. As mentioned above, you can capture fresh images, or import a maximum of nine different photos from the SD card to create a new collage.

picq-Android-Select picq-Android-Layout4

Once you have imported the photos, you are taken to the app’s collage editing interface, where you can start playing around with the various layouts, editing tools, decoration options and effects offered by the app. Any photo added to the collage can be maneuvered in multiple ways, and you also have the option to convert a particular photo into the shape of a heart, ellipse, square, star, flower or conversation bubble. Personally speaking, each static and dynamic collage layout offered by picq has its own appeal, and it’s quite tough to pick the best one from the entire lot.

picq-Android-Layout3 picq-Android-Layout2

From the editing point of view, you are allowed to rescale an image, rotate it clockwise/counter-clockwise, and flip it horizontally/vertically. The Decorate tab offers several photo editing tools such as backgrounds, stickers, frames, packages and strokes. Most of the goodies available under this particular tab need to be first downloaded from the internet. In this regard, the app’s dedicated online library offers all the available stuff under paid and free categories. picq account holders can log in to the app to purchase the goodies and keep track of their purchase history, whereas new users can register for an account from the app itself.

picq-Android-Gallery picq-Android-Settings

By navigating to the Effect tab, you may select the appropriate photo effect for a specific image or all images in the collage, and tinker with the brightness, contrast and saturation settings of any photo you want. Once the collage is saved, you can access it by navigating to the picq folder on your SD card.

Oddly enough, there is no option to natively view collages created with picq, nor does the app seem to support the option to share those images from within the app. Despite these missing features, picq has to be lauded as a slick app that offers a relatively new blend of photo collage making on Android.

picq is available in the Play Store for free, and requires Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or higher to run. You can grab the app via the link provided below.

Download picq For Android

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