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Plume For Android Updated With New Widgets & Facebook Support

The last major update to the famous Plume Twitter app for Android brought with it the much-awaited Holo UI and support for posting comparatively longer tweets. Today, the folks over at LevelUp Studios have pushed another significant update to one of the most widely used unofficial Twitter clients for Android. Plume v5.0 has been beefed up with quite a few noticeable features such as much improved scrolling speed, profile banners, and a prompt to post the text part of your image-oriented tweets in case the image itself doesn’t load. However, the biggest improvement in the entire update can be seen in the app’s refreshed widgets (for both home and lock screens) that are now more customizable than ever before, and fully capable of sporting content from your Facebook Wall as well. More than anyone else, the new customizations in Plume are undoubtedly going to suit those of us who have connected multiple Twitter accounts with the app.

Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Widget1 Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Widget2

The widgets included with the latest Plume app now allow you to interact with your Twitter and Facebook content directly from the home or lock screen itself. When you add a Plume widget to your home screen or lock screen, you’ll now be presented with the choice of linking specific Twitter content type from a particular Twitter account to each of the three different tabs available.

For instance, you can set the first column on the widget to display your Twitter Timeline from one account, the second one to show your @Mentions from another Twitter account, and the third one to list your Facebook Wall or Twitter Direct Messages from all accounts. The choices are aplenty!

Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Widget3 Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Widget4

Once the widget is set up accordingly, you can easily switch to the required column by tapping the relevant tab at the bottom. Apart from interacting with tweets, direct messages, and Facebook Wall posts, you can use the widget interface to compose new tweets, search for content across Twitter, and refresh the widget’s content manually. Interestingly, the columns within the app itself are automatically updated to reflect the same content you’ve chosen for the widgets. However, you can always customize the columns and their respective order of display within the app.

Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Respond Plume-Android-Update-Feb'13-Profile

Do note that Lock screen widgets are currently available for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and higher devices only. Besides the introduction of new features, several bugs have also been fixed in the updated version of app. These include glitches associated with the pull-to-refresh gesture, image caching and the event logger.

As ever, Plume For Twitter is available in the Play Store as an ad-supported free version and a $4.60 ad-free variant. Download links to both versions are provided below.

Download Plume For Twitter (Free)

Download Plume Premium For Twitter (Paid)

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