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Reddit Illustrated For Android Offers A Google Now-Like Cards-Based UI

Reddit doesn’t have  an official app for the Android platform, which is disappointing especially considering there is one for iOS. Though that makes it an opportunity for developers to create apps that fill this void. If you’re looking for a better way to Reddit on your Android device, you can take you pick from our list of best Reddit Apps for Android. Though if you’re on the hunt for something that’s slightly more appealing in the visual sense, give Reddit Illustrated a try. It’s a free Android app for browsing Reddit built entirely on the Holo guidelines by Google. It’s also somewhat similar, interface-wise, to Google Now; individual posts in any subreddit appear as cards. You can browse popular subreddits, view the front page, add any subreddit of your choice for quick access (sign in not required), download and share photos, and set a downloaded photo as your wallpaper from within the app. NSFW content can be filtered out, you can sign in and upvote/downvote content, and post comments in thread. The only downside at the moment is that the app doesn’t support GIFs – a shortcoming the average redditor is quite likely to be disappointed with.

To switch between different subreddits, open the navigation drawer and select one, or go to the ‘Front’ or ‘All’ page. Each individual post appears as a card, complete with the number of upvotes and comments it has received, along with buttons for upvoting/downvoting and sharing it.

Reddit Illustrated Reddit Illustrated post

The indented list-like button at the top-right opens filtering options for the subreddit that you’re browsing. You can sort stories by the usual options that are available on Reddit’s web interface. Reddit Illustrated also makes it easier to read a comments thread. Normally, on small devices, it gets difficult to follow the indented comments; Reddit Illustrated color codes them so that they are easy to distinguish and read.

Reddit Illustrated filters Reddit Illustrated comments

The three-dot menu button lets you sign in, add a subreddit, refresh the current one, or download an image. Alternatively, you can tap and hold an image to download it. Once the image has been downloaded, you have the option to set it as your wallpaper.

Reddit Illustrated’s internal browser doesn’t play GIF animations and if you have a browser that does play them, you might want to disable opening links in the internal one of the app. To do so, go to the app’s settings and uncheck the ‘Internal Browser’ option. Reddit Illustrated keeps a cache of the images you’ve viewed, and you can select how long that cache is kept from the settings. Additionally, NSFW posts can be blocked, and the default page that Reddit Illustrated will open whenever you launch the app can also be selected from here.

Reddit Illustrated menu Reddit Illustrated settings

Reddit Illustrated is a fairly good Reddit client; we like it for its Google Now-like cards-based interface but the lack of support for GIFs is a major drawback. The app is only a few days old though, so we can expect the developer to fix this soon. You can grab this free, ad-supported app from the following link.

Download Reddit Illustrated For Android


  1. Ads. I’d rather pay $0.99. I think this has some potential, but if its in an alpha or beta, it shouldn’t display ads until the product is finished.

  2. I think it’s kinda good Reddit doesn’t have an official client. If i did i don’t think the third party ones would be as good as they are.
    Just my opinion tough, hate me all you want ^^

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