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snaplife Saves Clips, GIFs & Collages Of Best Moments In Videos On Android

It’s been a while since we last caught hold of a noteworthy photography app in the Play Store, but it seems the wait was well worth it, as we’ve just come across a remarkable tool in the form of snaplife. Available for free, snaplife is a multipurpose Android app that automatically analyzes your video recordings to present you with multiple thumbnails of some of the most significant moments in the entire clip, which can be saved as photo collages, GIF animations or MP4 video files. In addition, the app offers plenty of vintage-style filters so that you can make your life’s most memorable moments even more vivid and appealing. The images or video created with snaplife can then be shared with your friends and family members from within the app in just a few taps. Unlike a timelapse-oriented photography app or a routine video recording tool, snaplife puts you in complete control over selection of the moments from your video recordings that you wish to retain. Details to follow.


Perhaps the most impressive facet of snaplife is its focus on keeping the entire concept ridiculously simple. The app directly launches into the viewfinder mode, letting you start capturing a new video with a tap. Once a clip is recorded, the app works its trick by automatically scanning, analyzing and previewing what it deems the most important frames from the entire video. It then lets you customize and/or confirm the selection before converting them to the output format of your choice. While in editing mode, you also get the option to apply one of the following five filters to the chosen frames:

  • Gray-scale
  • False color
  • Emboss
  • Edge
  • Cartoon


A great thing about snaplife is the way it lets you preview each type of output before finalizing the settings. Therefore, if you’re rather dissatisfied with one of the chosen frames or the applied effect, you can alter it to your heart’s content. That’s not all – you also get the option to choose between all three supported output formats each time you make some amendments to the pictures you want to be included in the output. The app uses a folder labelled ‘snaps’ on your device’s storage to save all the output media, and also lets you browse those files through a built-in gallery. Want to share your masterpieces with the entire world? The app offers a built-in media uploading feature that uses the upicto! service for the purpose.


The app’s default recording and output preferences can be changes by heading over to its settings screen. You can specify a custom video recording duration, the default image output size & type, the total number of photos that you want snaplife to pluck from the entire clip, and the default filter you want to be applied to selected images. Aside from these preferences, there is the option to delay capture by 5 seconds after pressing the record button, and force the app to continue recording in the background (experimental for now).


In short, not only can snaplife help you retrieve ‘that’ perfect shot from your recorded video clips, but it also allows you to save the best moments of an event in a wonderful, self-curated montage. As mentioned earlier, the best part about the entire deal is that snaplife is absolutely free in the Play Store. You can downloaded the app via the link provided below.

Download snaplife For Android

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