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Stand Alone Google Docs & Sheets Apps Now Available In Play Store

Google Drive for a long time has existed as the one app to rule all the files saved to your Google Drive. Google has launched stand alone apps Google Docs and Google Sheets on the Play Store so that when you want to open a document or a spreadsheet, you can open them directly from their respective apps. The dedicated apps will show the files they support weeding out all other types and saving you the trouble of searching through them to get to your own files. Like the Google Drive app, you can open a document or sheet and edit it. Likewise, you can use the respective apps to create new documents or spreadsheets. The apps do not boast any new features; think of them as a way to always have your docs and sheets filtered and waiting for you when you launch them.

Google Docs

Launch the app and you will find that everything is very familiar. Your docs are listed and organized by date. You can search for a document, create a new folder and move documents to it, add a new document by tapping the plus button on the action bar, and change the documents’ list view to a grid view which will give you a small thumbnail preview of all documents.

The document viewer itself lets you edit the text in the document. You have all the editing tools that Google Drive supports at your disposal and new documents can be created even if you do not have an internet connection.

google docs  docs

Google Sheets

Google Sheets looks more or less like Google Drive except that it only lists the spreadsheets in your drive. Like Google Docs, you can view your sheets in a grid view with a thumbnail preview of each file. Tap a sheet to open it and tap a cell to edit the data in it. You have the same editing tools available as those in the Google Drive app. You can create a new sheet when you’re offline. Files can be shared from within the app.





sheets  sheet file


As stated earlier, the apps aren’t offering a new feature. They are making the process of searching and filtering files shorter. It makes sense because users are more likely to access spreadsheets and documents than any other file type. A dedicated app for slides is expected to arrive soon.

Download Google Docs From Google Play Store

Download Google Sheets From Google Play Store

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