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10 Popular Android Tips From 2015

Android 6.0 was the highlight of 2015 for Android users. The new OS came with a file manager, better Google Voice integration, Google Now on tap, smarter battery management features, and more. Alongside the new Android version, apps for the platform kept coming and we reviewed the best, most productive ones. Here’s our yearly round-up of the top Android posts of 2015.


Marshmallow’s Doze Feature On Older Android Versions

Android 6.0 has a nice new battery saving feature called Doze that turns on automatically when it detects low battery. The feature turns off things like background refresh for apps. If you aren’t running Android 6.0 on your device you don’t necessarily have to sit this feature out. Doze is an app that replicates the feature on older phones, no root required.

doze doze-whitelist

Find The Noise Level Of Your Surroundings

Ever wanted to check if you’re being too loud? Or if a neighbor is indeed breaking the sound barrier with their music and you have a right to be a little upset about it? Deciber is a free app that measures loudness without the need for any fancy equipment.

deciber deciber-1

Clear The Google Play Store Cache In Android 6.0

Clearing the Google Play Store cache resolves a surprising number of problems and doing it has always been pretty simple. The process has changed slightly in Android 6.0 so we wrote a small post to show you how to do it in the latest version of Android.

Android-6-apps android-6-apps-2

Find Which App Uses The Most Memory 

Android 6.0 came out with some pretty impressive features. They might seem small when casually listed alongside other features but that doesn’t diminish their usefulness. One such feature introduced in Marshmallow was the ability to check which apps were the most memory hungry (it’s Facebook, surprise, surprise).

android-6-ram-apps android-6-RAM

Exclude Apps From The Doze Feature In Android 6.0

The Doze feature, as mentioned early on with our first entry, turns on automatically and offers little control to the user as to when it should or shouldn’t turn on. This means if the feature is turned on at a time when you’re expecting an important email, you might not get it. The solution is to exclude your important and most productive apps from Doze. It’s easy to do because the functionality is built-in and doesn’t require an app or root access to manage.

android-6-battery android-6-doze

Visual And Haptic Feedback From Your Phone When You Make A Typo

It’s not quite clear if autocorrect is your friend or just a troll living as a feature inside your phone. It’s saved you from many a typos and caused a few as well. If you ever wished your phone instead of fixing your mistakes, would just tell you you made one than Tipo is an app you should try out. It gives you both visual and haptic feedback when you’ve made a typo and it’s up to you to fix it however you like.

Tipo_typo Tipo_settings

Export Your Firefox Profile From A Non-Rooted Device

Firefox is one of the more popular Android browsers in the market with few formidable competitors. The Android version of the browser is still relatively new so many of its libraries are still locked down and/or inaccessible unless you’ve got a rooted device or a device set up for development. Naturally, add-ons are what come to the rescue in this case with Copy Profile being the add-on of choice. It lets you copy your Firefox profile and save it to your device’s storage.

ff_android_tools ff_android_copy_profile

Access The Built-In File Manager In Android 6.0

Android 6.0 has a built-in file manager. For anyone that’s been a long time Android user, you can recall that older versions of Android did indeed come with a built-in app to access your storage. The app soon disappeared as Android grew in versions but with 6.0 it’s back and quite easy to use. It’s limited in features compared to the more sophisticated file browsing apps but it’s there and you can browse files even if your device is straight out of a box as opposed to properly set up.

android 6 - file-explorer android 6 - file-explorer1

Add Lost & Found Information To Your Lock Screen

If you ever find  lost iOS device, you can ask Siri who it belongs to. With Android and the considerable fragmentation in terms of devices and versions, there’s no one way to find who owns an Android device. Hi Locker is an app that simplifies this and puts your contact information on your lock screen.

hi_locker_message_edit hi_locker_lock_screen

Fix The App Could Not Be Downloaded Error (495)

Google Play Store at times fails to download an app and there are a couple of different errors that might be the cause. If you’re getting error 495 with an app failing to install, we have a few things you can try to resolve it.

download_manager play_store

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