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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab With SuperOneClick Rooting App

In case you have purchased your Samsung Galaxy Tab and waiting for it to get rooted, then the wait is over! Folks over at XDA have posted a step by step guide that can help you in rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab without getting into much difficulty.


We previously posted a detailed guide on rooting any Android phone with SuperOneClick Root app and likewise, the app also roots your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here are the step by step instruction on rooting your tab with SuperOneClick App.

  • The firsts step is to make sure that you have KIES installed on your computer. Galaxy-Tab
  • Now download SuperOneClick Root App from here and save it on your desktop.
  • Once this is done, turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab on and connect it with your computer. Make sure that you have USB debugging mode disabled and sync with KIES.
  • Now disconnect Galaxy Tab from computer and enable USB Debugging mode. You can enable the USB debugging mode by Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging.
  • Now reconnect your tab again to your PC and tap the Home button so that your Tab loses sync connection with KIES.
  • Once done, launch SuperOneClick.exe and click on root. Please wait for 5 to 10 minutes while the application roots your Galaxy Tab.

And there you go! You now have your Samsung Galaxy Tab rooted! Unfortunately, there is no custom ROM in our knowledge until now that you can flash on your Tab. But we are hopeful that soon the Android hacking community will be out with one. Stay tuned as will post any custom ROMs that make it to surface for your rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab.


  1. i went to samsung and updated all my files since this way didnt work and looks like no one has used this in years and i see why total fail!!!!! the directions dont even say do we keep kies up and running while starting superoneclick???? but it doesnt matter tried it both ways and doing it this way doesnt work just wastes a few hours of your time! i’m so tired now and disgusted going to bed! will go find a site that has updated stuff and hopefully i can get this to work in a month or so

  2. I should have mentioned in the earlier entry that the hotspot is useless and I have been contacted by Verizon re this from the management level. It seems a Verizon problem in that I do not even see 3G indicated on the Tab when my Verizon phone does.

  3. I have an SCH 1800 tab and cannot get KIES because I do not have a model number that matches any listed by Samsung. I have spent nearly an hour trying to figure out how to get, say, a photo from the galaxy other than by emailing it. 
    The machine may be good but Verizon and Samsung are inscrutable. Buy a Mac, you just plug it in.

  4. This would be great if SuperOneClick had somewhere you could download it from! It’s a frustrating link loop!

  5. Hi everone… I have a Galaxy Tab which I wanted to Root. I’ve tried to follow the procedure with SuperOneClickv2.1 but with this version the Program froze…..
    I found out that an Update was available and downloaded it from ftp://shortfuse.org/SuperOneClick/Packages/SuperOneClickv2.1.1-ShortFuse.zip

    This version Rooted my Galaxy Tab without any problem.

    Good Luck on Rooting your Tab 😉

    PS: AddictiveTips.com gave me the ultimate solution for Rooting my Tab….

    THANKS ! U Rock ! 🙂

  6. i wanna be in safe side …. am using galaxy mini and should i unmount SD card before i start rooting??? …..plz some1 help fast because I wanna root my phone now!!

    thnx u..

  7. I am not able to root it because KIES does not recognize my US Verizon SGT SCH1800 tab. What wrong with US carriers. Is there any other way to do itwithout connecting to KIES?

  8. I have a Verizon Galaxy Tab in the U.S. Samsung support tells me that as of June 2011 they have not released a version of Kies for U.S. Tabs. Does anybody know how to use SuperOneClick to root a U.S. Tab without using Kies? Thanks.

  9. I don’t know whether i’m just lucky but.. i have the wifi version which is £100 Cheaper

    And also it connects to my HTC desire hotspot so i am quids in

    I think its the way to go

    The Internet Marketing Wizard

    • ah you are so fortunate in the UK. In the US the carriers are a cartel and do their upmost to castrate any device you purchase from as if is still their property when all they really are is an ISP.

  10. I am running into the same issues. I certainly wish there was a way to root the Tab. I so desire to remove the bloatware.

  11. I certainly appreciate all the efforts developers have made to enable us to delete the filth-ware installed by Samsung and Verizon on Galaxy Tabs–abetted of course by Google–but I’ve had no success using either z4root or SuperOneClick in rooting on my GT purchased new in early April 2011. I’m wondering if the dependent expoits have been plugged. Has anyone successfully rooted a Galaxy Tab since, say, 4/1/2011? If so, how?

  12. i did the rooting and for confimation i then ran the su -c command on terminal and it said PERMISSION DENIED, hence it didnt work for me

  13. I actually tried to use Samsung KIES and it didn’t work, so what I did that I think was easier is went to the samsung support site and downloaded just the galaxy drivers. Then it worked beautifully great and simple root. Thanks.

    • Great news! Could you please give details, such as whether USB Debugging was on, device mounted as mass storage, etc, etc?

  14. Great post, thanks! I’m thinking about getting a Tab (1) via Docomo in Japan since the price is dropping thanks to the Tab 2 announcement.

    2 questions: will rooting a Docomo phone cause any different behavior than an American version?

    Can I take this tablet to America, put a different SIM card in it, and use it? I’ll need a phone for two months and would like to use the Tab, so I won’t need a 2-year contract…


  15. Very nice, but what am i supposed to do with it now? Ok, it’s rooted and i can install non-market apps.. Wooo. I need ssh access, how?

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