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Close All Tabs From The Same Website In Chrome

When researching on the internet we come across several links from the same website that assists us in finding the desired content (e.g. from Wikipedia). However, after we are done with the task, it can be a bit laborious to identify and close the scattered tabs from the same website. Close Other Tabs From The Same Site is a Chrome extension that is designed to allow users to close all tabs from the same website at once.

close Other Tabs fromt his site

To close all tabs from a specific website, right click on one of the site’s webpages and choose “Close Other Tabs From This Site” via the right click context menu.  A common annoyance of getting rid of scattered tabs from the same website can hence, be easily eluded by using this Chrome extension. The developer has modified it from “Close All Tabs From The Same Site” extension.

Close Other Tabs From The Same Site Extension for Chrome


  1. one huge plus to firefox is the extension tabkit plus… It creates a color coded and/or hierarchy ordering of your tabs! It is an absolute must-have for anyone who has many tabs left open in their browser!!! Also a very awesome add-on that chrome ALSO lacks is an extension called BarTab; it allows you to unload from RAM after X amount of time that you set so your RAM is not used up nor your CPU on those annoying animated ads =D Only thing I really like about chrome that firefox is lacking is their top-priority to make the browser as secure as possible(which firefox isn’t really all too bad if you are aware of security threats and stay off the not-so-good sites)

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