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Disable All Extensions In Chrome With A Single Click


Many a times one of your favorite extensions can end up creating conflicts with a frequently visited website or a web application. Enabling and disabling extensions can be quite a hassle. In Chrome one has to go through the laborious process of accessing Settings –> Tools –> Extensions to perform this task. Previously we reviewed two Chrome Extensions named Quick Enable and Quick Disable that allowed enabling and disabling extensions from the address bar. This time we have Disable All Extensions Plus, which is a Chrome extension that allows enabling and disabling specific or all extensions from a drop down menu.

Simply click on the Disable All Extensions Plus button next the address bar and click on an extension to disable it. You can also choose to enable or disable all extension from this menu. While it allows quickly enabling and disabling all extension with convenience, this extension does have a drawback. When it comes to individual extensions, it only allows disabling them and does not have an enabling option for specific extensions. Nonetheless, it can be quite convenient to enable and disable all extensions or to be able to disable specific extensions from a simple menu. You can also uninstall an extension by right clicking on its name. This results in a prompt to confirm if you would like to uninstall the extension.


The next time your browser shows strange behavior, you can use this extension to disable all extensions in one go. Then try enabling every extension one by one to find the real culprit.

Disable All Extensions Plus Extension for Chrome


  1. I use this all the time. So handy, especially when I want to turn on Adblock+ for sites that overdo it on the ads.

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