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JustBeamIt Offers Peer To Peer (P2P) File Sharing Without Signup

There are, undoubtedly, dozens of file sharing services that allow you to share files with friends or coworkers, but the process is often a long one where you have to upload a file, set security and visibility settings and sometimes even have the recipient sign up with the file sharing service in order to receive it. IM clients are one way of transferring files, but again, if you’re transferring files to someone at work, you might not have access to a messenger, or you may not use the same messenger service as your friend. JustBeamIt is a web application that allows file transfer without any sign up whatsoever. It offers simple Peer to Peer (P2P) file transfer that gives you a download link to share with anyone. The service creates a connection between you and whoever you share the link with so your file is not uploaded anywhere; rather, the link serves only as a gateway for transferring the file from your computer to the recipient(s)’.

To share a file, visit the site and either drag & drop the file you want to share on the app’s interface (HTML5 browsers only), or, click the Select a file to beambutton to browse the local file system. You can only transfer one file at a time, regardless of how you add it.


Once the file is added, JustBeamIt generates a link that you must share with whoever you want to receive the file. Until the link is shared and opened in the browser by the other person, you will see a Waiting for recipient message below the file size. Once the link is accessed, file transfer begins. Transfer rate is dependent on the internet speeds at both ends.

justbeamit file transfer

When the link is clicked, download starts after a brief countdown, and the link becomes automatically useless upon completion. You cannot revisit it to download the file if you lose it.

justbeamit download starting

As long as the download is in progress, you (the sender) cannot close the app’s tab on your end; the recipient, however, can close it after download starts as the files are downloaded via your browser’s download manger.

Update: JustBeamIt has recently updated its interface to a much cleaner one and has also overhauled its back-end so that files will now transfer faster. More importantly, you can now send multiple files at once. The service will zip them on the fly. Additionally, support for more browsers including Internet Explorer 8 & 9 and Opera have been added.

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  1. Absolutely love it! Love the whole idea of it and the fact that i can just share the link with the person i’m trying to share the file with.

  2. Hi! I think there’s a slight error in your review. Try using the service with a smaller file e.g. a TXT file. Note that the file is quickly uploaded to the site’s servers. Thus it is indeed stored online. For bigger files, the download can begin while you upload the file but I suspect that in the end, it is still stored on the server, at least temporarily.

    • We do not store or record any files that get transferred on our servers- everything is streamed directly from the source to destination. We will start buffering portions of files as soon as the file is dragged to make the transfer faster. In the case of small TXT files, our buffer is larger than the file itself, so the entire file sits in our buffer. We are working on updating our about page to explain this 🙂

      the JustBeamIt team

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