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Remove Video Streaming Restriction From MegaVideo, MegaUpload, And Veoh

It can be quite annoying when certain videos online are simply not available due to limitations that block users from accessing them beyond a certain level. For example, there are restrictions on MegaVideo that bar users from viewing more than 72 minutes of video streaming. The Illimitux extension, however, circumvents such boundaries and allows Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users to move freely across the realms of unchartered video streaming websites.

Remove Restrictions

Once the extension is installed, it automatically detects hindering restrictions that a video may have and allows the user to remove such barriers by clicking on the remove limitation button. However, when you click on it for the first time, it will prompt you to install the Cacao web plugin to proceed further. Once you have installed this plugin, you will be able to easily remove video restrictions as you battle across the streaming world to find your favorites videos.

Caco Web Plugin

When a user clicks on the remove restrictions button, he/she is redirected to the Illimitux website where the video is streamed without the formerly attached barriers. Please note that some video streaming websites may require a login account to access content. After you login with your account, (where necessary), this extension will let you detect and by-pass streaming restriction by the click of a button. For instance you will be able to play Veoh videos that are more than 5 minutes in length without Veoh TV. We tested this extension on Google chrome 8.0 while it supports Google Chrome 1.0+ and Firefox 4.0+.

Illimitux Extension For Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


  1. I attempted to download this plugin. My antivirus software detected virus and malware and did its job thankfully. I guess that qualifies it as looking like adware!

  2. @srikar : how does it look like an adware? Can you please explain? How does a software qualify to “look like an adware plugin” ?

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