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How To Download Every iOS and macOS Wallpaper Ever

Apple has been known for two things; great UI, and products that are bug free. It may no longer be bug free anymore if you consider how many complaints users had this year and the year before. All that said, Apple still makes beautiful products, a well-designed OS, and it has the best stock wallpapers. Chances are, if you don’t own an Apple device, you might still have used some of their wallpapers. A Redditor has compiled an album of every iOS and macOS wallpaper that Apple has ever released. You can download them all.

The albums don’t just contain wallpapers but also contain other iconic images that Apple has used in the past. For example, the iOS album includes the dancing silhouette images that were used on iTunes gift cards.

All iOS Wallpapers

The iOS album contains wallpapers for iPhone X, iOS 12, iOS 11, all the way to the first iOS. They’re all HD. The iOS 3 wallpapers are 2048×2048 but the newer ones are sized to fit a modern smartphone’s screen better.

If you find the wallpapers are too small, or too square for your device, check the selection of iPad wallpapers. Of course, since the iPad was released later, you won’t find iOS 3 wallpapers that fit an iPad. Special wallpapers, such as those released for iPhone X Red are also included as are images used to introduce WWDC.

Download them here.

All macOS Wallpapers

Like the iOS album, the macOS wallpapers album has wallpapers from back when the operating system was called OS X and named after cats. You can find wallpapers from Puma, Snow Leopard, Lion, and more.

The wallpapers are all HD and you will find the size will fit most screens perfectly. Unlike the iPhone which has undergone a drastic change in size over the years, the difference in screen size hasn’t been as drastic for Macs.

Download them here.

It’s worth mentioning that the wallpapers may need to be resized for your respective device. Desktop users i.e., anyone on a Windows or Linux PC using the macOS wallpapers shouldn’t have too much trouble but smartphone users likely will need to resize an image before they can use it on their phones. If you’re using an Android phone and want to use one of the iOS or macOS wallpapers, check how your phone resizes images for the wallpaper. On some phones, if an image isn’t the correct size, the resulting wallpaper is a blurry, pixelated mess that makes a blank, black background look good.


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