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How to add dividers to the menu bar on macOS

Apps that run from the menu bar, or that can be set to run from it instead of the Dock are convenient. The menu bar has more space, and unlike the Dock, you don’t have to access your essential apps from it. You can use it for all sorts of things e.g., controlling music, making quick notes, managing the volume, keeping an eye on your system’s resources, and more.

An app that runs from the menu bar is hardly less capable than one that runs from the Dock. If you have a lot of apps in the menu bar, you might need an easy way to organize them. Consider using dividers for the job. Here’s how you can add dividers to the menu bar on macOS.

Add dividers to the menu bar

You can add dividers to the menu bar on macOS with a free, open-source app called Menu Bar Splitter. This app gives users the freedom to add as many dividers as they like, place the dividers wherever they want, and choose from three different ‘faces’ what type of divider to use.

Download and run the app and by default, it will add a vertical line to the menu bar. This is the default face that each new divider you add will have. Changing it is easy.

Click the divider that was added and from the menu, select the ‘Set Icon’ option. The sub-menu will show you the three types of icons you can add. The ‘Blank’ icon is basically a space instead of a vertical line and you can choose to make the space wider by selecting ‘Thick’ or make it narrow by selecting ‘Thin’ from its sub-menu.

The other two choices let you add the vertical line or a dot. To add a second divider, select the ‘Add Splitter’ option. Use the ‘Remove Splitter’ option to remove one.

By default, the splitter/divider is added at the very end of the line of icons already present on the menu bar. To move them around, hold down the Command key and then drag the icons on the menu bar to arrange them however you like. This rearranging is a stock macOS feature, and not something that Menu Bar Splitter adds.

You can change the arrangement of the menu bar any time you want. If you’re using an app to hide menu bar icons, you can use it along with Menu Bar Splitter to keep the menu bar organized as well as clean.

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