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Track Time Spent On Applications With Time Track [Mac]

Do you easily get distracted while performing some important tasks or outlining plans to complete a project? There’re certainly a lot of methods evolved in the past which can assist users in keeping their focus on important tasks. Pomodoro is one of the techniques that you can apply manually through stopwatch to regularly check how much time has been spent on current tasks being performed, but an application designed to tell you that which applications have taken much of your time would certainly come more helpful in tracking down time distribution. One such utility is Time Tracker for Mac. The application is quite akin to previously featured PAM for Windows which enables you to view usage timeline of applications. What gets it over the line is its ability to log daily application usage, so at the end of the week or month you can easily track total time spent on different applications.

timetrack 1

Once the application is downloaded, launch it from dock bar. It will sit in the system menu bar and silently start calculating time that you are spending on different applications. The best usage of Time Tracker can be seen when you want to review work productivity report after a day or two. However, you can check out your time spending pattern by selecting View Report option from its menu. The main window shows histogram with each listed application, showing the amount of time you’ve spent on it.

The left sidebar holds daily logs with months and days stamps. Just expand the month option and pick any date to see the applications you were working on selected day. Time Tracker is free, stripped down version of Time Tracker Pro, which costs, $4.99. The Pro version also charts out time values on graph, so users can visually analyze the complete productivity report for selected month or day.

Install Time Track from App Store

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