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WDYM Meaning: What Does WDYM Stand For?

The XXIst century is all about speed, people are focused on doing everything as fast as possible, never wasting time. This approach can be found in all aspects of our everyday lives, including communication, both verbal, and via text.

That’s why abbreviations have become so popular, one perfect example being WDYM.

WDYM meaning

In today’s article, we will briefly explain what WDYM stands for, and when you can and can’t use it.

What Does WDYM Stand For?

What Does WDYM Stand For

WDYM is a very common abbreviation used when chatting, and it stands for What do you mean?

It is used in conversations where you ask for more details about a given topic, or when the details already presented to you were not clear enough in the first place.

Used mostly on the Internet on social media platforms, forums, or on phone chats, it is quite common, especially among today’s youth.

What Does WDYM Mean, When Is It Appropriate

WDYM and WYM are pretty much the same since they hold the same meaning, so using one or the other is simply a matter of personal preferences.

When to Use WDYM or WYM?

Both WDYM and WYM are usually used during fast-paced conversations, and since they don’t contain any profane words, they can be used at a much wider scale than other abbreviations like CTFU.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can use it anywhere since work environments or people with whom a professional relationship is expected are one of the few exceptions where WDYM and WYM are not recommended.

Example (Using WDYM)

Person 1: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

Person 2: WDYM?

When NOT to Use WDYM or WYM?

Abbreviations are usually frowned upon in work environments, as well as certain social circles, especially where there is a high chance that people may not even know what WDYM stands for.

That being the case, it is recommended that What do you mean? should be used instead.

Example (NOT to use WDYM)

Employer: I think you’re experienced enough to receive additional tasks.

Employee: WDYM?

WDYM meaning (Conclusion)

Long-story-short, WDYM is part of the large unofficial dictionary that is the Internet and, for social reasons, should be kept there.

It’s an expression that only serves the purpose of saving a few seconds for the person using it, and should therefore not be used unless necessary.

Do you now have a better understanding of how to use WDYM properly?

Let us know if you’re a fan of our string of Internet-slang-related articles, and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest and most-used abbreviations from the online world.

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