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Add Tasks In Outlook 2010 From OneNote 2010

In Outlook 2010, you can create, manage, and schedule tasks via Task Handler. If you are taking notes in OneNote 2010, then it facilitates you to create tasks in Outlook, along with taking notes. OneNote will automatically send task to Outlook in order to schedule and manage them in a better way.

To begin, launch OneNote 2010, open desired note sheet, and select the text, which you want to convert into task.


Now navigate to Home tab, and from Outlook Tasks drop-down options, select desired date.

tasksm 1

Upon clicking, it will be automatically get added in Outlook 2010 tasks, as you can see from the screenshot below.

tasks in outlookm 1

Try out how to exrtact text from image in OneNote 2010.


  1. When I pick the task in Outlook, it has a shortcut to OneNote sheet. However, as I double-click the icon, a warning pops up, asking whether to open, save or abort. How do I make it just to open the shortcut without any questions?

  2. Can anyone suggest how to create an Outlook Task from OneNote and then move that task to a different Outlook Tasks folder? Every time I move the task into the desired (shared) folder, the connection to OneNote gets broken.

    I want to take a group task list from OneNote and create individual Outlook tasks that go in a shared Outlook folder. I don’t see any way in Outlook to change the default folder that OneNote creates the tasks in.

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