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Embed Data Sheet From Excel 2010 To Word Document

Excel 2010 includes a feature that helps users to embed and link different objects. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) is a technique to insert data from one app in to another and update data accordingly. In this way, by using and linking the object of one application, we can make an updated copy.

To start with Object Linking and Embedding, launch Excel 2010, create or open an existing data sheet.

For illustration purpose, data sheet of student record is shown in the screenshot below.

Datasheet excel

We want to embed the specific datasheet portion in to Microsoft Word, to keep that portion updated with the above Excel datasheet, now copy the portion of the datasheet.

copy table 1

Open Word 2010, navigate to Home, click Paste drop down button and hit Paste Special.

paste special 1

Now click Paste link and select Excel Worksheet Object from the list. Click OK to continue.

paste special dialog 1

You will see selected datasheet portion is now pasted in to Word.

word pasted

Now open Excel, and change the data in the Marks table, compare it with the tableĀ  in Word, changes will be reflected in Word document immediately.

compare 1

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