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Excel 2010: Hide/Unhide Columns, Rows, Sheets

Excel 2010 has an excellent feature to conceal the selected rows, columns, and sheets, this could be very handy especially when you want to protect specific content from any sort of detrimental usage. Launch Excel 2010 workbook in which you want to hide rows, columns or sheets. For illustration, we have included a workbook containing multiple sheets in which we will be hiding rows, columns etc.


Hiding Rows

In desired spreadsheet select the rows (for multiple non-contagious selection hold Ctrl key) you want to hide and navigate to Home tab.

select rows

From Cells group, click Format button. Now from Hide & Unhide options, click Hide Rows.


Upon click it will automatically hide the selected rows. The rows 2,3,5 and 7 numbers are now hidden.


Hiding Columns

For hiding the columns in specific sheet, select the columns you want to hide.

hide columns

Repeat the same procedure for it, from Format –> Hide & Unhide options, click Hide Columns, upon click the selected columns will be hidden.

hidden c

Hide Sheets

Now select the sheet which you want to hide.

hide data bars

Click Hide Sheet from Hide & Unhide options.

hide sheet

Upon click the whole sheet will be concealed.

sheet hidden

Unhide Rows, Columns, and Sheets

For revealing the hidden sheets, rows and columns,  click Format, and from Hide & Unhide options, click the respective option available in the menu.


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