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Excel 2010: Import And Access Web Data Sheet

Excel 2010 provides a very handy way for accessing data sheets from web. With dead simple process you can import data from web to analyze or take the best use of it.

Open the webpage from where you want to import data.

web sheet

Now launch Excel 2010, head over to Data tab and click From Web button.

from web

Enter the URL of the webpage and click Go. Click small yellow button to select data sheet on the web page. Hit Import to import the data sheet in to Excel worksheet.

websheet navigation1

A pop-up will appear asking where to import data sheet, you can either specify row and column location from Existing Worksheet or select a new work sheet. Click OK to import

where to import

Selected data sheet is successfully imported in Excel worksheet as you can see in the screenshot below.

imported data

It may look a bit untidy, To take the best view of it, select all the cells to draw borders around them, customize cell spacing, width length and color.



  1. Followed the instructions to Import Data from a Web Page to Excel, got an error related to Query, and suggestion as to how to modify it. Can anyone explain or suggest how to move forward ?

  2. If anyone reading this has a way to pull a simple piece of html into an Excel cell WITHOUT the use of the web query process, please contact me @ BusinessHut.com I have a URL in column A and, for example, just want to pull the Title element into column B. VBA, macros, and custom functions are all welcome. Thanks!

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