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Excel 2010: Line Graph & Column Bars [Sparklines]

Excel 2010 includes a feature of analyzing data through Sparklines and Column bars, this could be very beneficial if you want to see the trends, and comparisons of each record in pictorial representation. It actually summarizes one complete record and shows it in a single cell through simple line graph and column bars, this post covers the basic usage and elaborates how they logically relate with the data.

Launch Excel 2010, and create a datasheet or open existing datasheet to apply spark lines and columns over the data.

For Instance, we have included datasheet in Excel, which contains student records.

student record

Now we want to create spark lines & columns to visually analyze each student data. Select the portion of the datasheet, against which you want to show spark lines and column bars, navigate to Insert tab, and from Sparklines, click Lines.

lines 1

You will reach Create Sparklines dialog, it shows the range of cells you selected in the data field (B2:H2).

spark lines 34

Click in the Location Range field, and then click the cell on the worksheet you want sparkline to appear. Click OK to analyze visually analyze the student record.

location of spark line 1

Sparkline will appear as you can see from the screenshot below. Now drag the plus sign at the end of it’s cell, towards the end of the column to apply Sparkline on each record.

all cells 1

To make the sparklines more prominent, navigate to Design tab, enable Markers and First Point from Show box, here you can also apply more styles and designs over them.

design spark lines 1

Spark lines cmplte]

Now For creating Column bar for each record , click Column button and then follow the same procedure mentioned above. As you can see in the screenshot below that we have generated Spark Lines and Columns for each student record.


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