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How To Drop Cap Of Letter In Word 2010

Word 2010 offers three widely used formats in Drop Cap gallery, However, there is an option to customize the layout and size of drop cap according to your requirements.

For dropping first letter cap, select the first letter of paragraph and navigate to Insert tab, and from Text group, click Drop Cap drop-down button and select a desired drop cap position.


Click Drop Cap Options to change the size, layout and position of the dropped cap letter.

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  • Jack Cheetham

    I am runing 2010 office. My computer is windows 7 professional.  I  am runing word 32bit.  The insert tab in the text section shows Drop Cap grayed out.  How do I get Drop Cap to run?

    • ??????

      you have to type something first Jack.

  • <.<

    i had the same problem as jack and YES I TYPED SOMETHING