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How To Insert New Sheet In Excel 2010 Workbook

By default Excel 2010 opens 3 sheets in workbook, so you can switch between sheets for carrying out different operations. If you need to insert more sheets in a workbook, Excel offers a simple way to insert as many sheets as you want.

If you need to insert another sheet in workbook. Navigate to Home tab, and from Cells group, open Insert drop-down list and click Insert Sheet.


It will insert a new Sheet in Excel Workbook.



  1. @ Simon you can press Alt+O+H+R…you will be able to rename the sheet…lets say by default it’s sheet1 to Simon

  2. For some reason, the “Insert Worksheet” is grayed out, and won’t let me insert another one. Any ideas on what has to be changed? Thanks.

  3. does anybody knows how to edit the “insert new worksheet” with own template. i mean the one that automatically appears when you click the tab on the bottom? thank you

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