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How To Open Separate Windows In Outlook 2010

Want to open two separate Outlook windows, let’s say Mail and Tasks, side-by-side, to easily compare data and make required changes? By default, Outlook opens the elements you select from the main navigation bar in a single window, i.e., it replaces the current window with selected one.  Nevertheless, if you wish to open windows separately, Outlook 2010 provides you Open in New Window option, which lets you open any selected element’s window separately. For instance, if you want to open Mail and Contacts windows side-by-side, open Contacts window, head over to View tab on the ribbon, and click Open in New Window option present in the Window group to open the Contacts in a new window. From the new window, you can easily navigate to the required window by selecting the Outlook section from the main navigation bar. Similarly, you can open Calender and Tasks windows side by side, using the Open in New Window option. Sadly, Outlook doesn’t offer any extra settings for handling multiple Outlook items’ windows, and you have to manually close the window to navigate between different Outlook items’ windows. In this post, we will explain how you can open multiple Outlook windows.

Suppose you want to view Mail window and Contacts window side-by-side. Open Mail window, navigate to the View tab and under Windows group, click Open in New Window.


It will instantly open new Mail window, now from the left sidebar, click Contacts to view Contacts window and Mail window side-by-side. Similarly, you can open any two elements of Outlook side-by-side.


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