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How To Quickly Insert Horizontal Line In Word 2010 Document

Out of many ways to divide document into sections, you can simply make use of Word 2010 build-in horizontal line option to insert a divider.

For inserting horizontal line, place the insert cursor where you want to insert it and head over Home tab, from Paragraph group, click drop-down button and select Horizontal Line as shown below.


It will quickly insert a horizontal line in the document.


From the menu shown above, you can also box up any part of document by Outside Borders, use Inside Vertical & Horizontal Border, insert Diagonal Up Border, etc.

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  • Thank You!

    EXACTLY what I needed – quick and to the point. Thanks for your help!!

  • Don Grosz


  • Renesigma

    simple things are getting complicated thanks to microsoft

    • Doug

      Indeed.¬†¬†Next try to format the line to make it thicker…there was a time when inserting a stupid horizontal line was a simple matter

      • Jon

        Right click the horizontal line, then choose Format Horizontal Line.
        It’s actually a pretty straightforward feature, but ms should have made it more prominent, since many users use something ugly like underlining if the horizontal rule option isn’t easy to find

  • Renesigma

    simple things are getting complicated thanks to microsoft

  • Barbara Daniels

    I have Microsoft Office 2010 for Home/Student, but I don’t have this feature. Can you explain this?

  • Widi

    thanks for sharing

  • fred

    called marketing 101

  • tat

    Perfect. Quick and precise.

  • Umang Arora

    Thanks! It helped.

  • thx


  • Marie

    Thanks so much! it helps & exactly what I needed!!

  • Yap!

    Yap, thanks!

  • Jim Webb

    In WORD 2010 I have a saved alphabetical password list. Where and how do I set it so that at the end of a password, I hit enter and the cursor drops down a line to create space to enter an additional password? Thanks