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Recover Outlook .PST File Password With Nucleus Kernel PST Password Recovery

Did you forget or lose the Outlook PST (Personal Storage Files) file password? Nucleus Kernel PST Password Recovery tool will help you in retaining back the password instantly. It is a multilingual password recovery tool for recovering the lost or forgotten Outlook’s PST password.

You just need to specify the PST file location and click Recover Password. Yes, that is all!

recover password1

It will immediately show you the password (with option to copy it).

outlook pst

It supports all versions of Outlook ranging from 97 to Outlook 2010. We tested it on Windows 7 x86 system running Outlook 2010.

Download Nucleus Kernel PST Password Recovery


  1. hello, i have forgotten Outlook 2010 PST Password. I used Nucleas Kernel PST password but it’s show the error message below: “Seek failed on an unnamed file”.
    Can anybody help me? IMPORTANT!!!

  2. This Software is awesome but i share some another tool to recovery your MS Outlook PST File password easily and few mouse clicks.


  3. Won’t work if the file is over 500 MB. Most corporate users have huge sets of files that each are over 600 MB. This utility won’t work for them.

  4. Doesn’t appear to be working. Additionally, I question the validity of this as I have tried it with two different PST’s with different passwords, and the password this tool generates is the same every time I run it regardless of the file it is run against. I’m skeptical this tool will ever work.

    • I’m receiving the exact same error is there a solution for this? I have a pst file from a user that is around 2.5gb.

  5. it is not working for me.. when I open .pst file in nuclear kernel PST recovery tool , it is showing password . But when I am trying to entered it , the window closes automatically. guys plz helo me about it. thanks in advance.

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