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Outlook 2010 Advanced Search [Query Builder]

In Outlook 2010 when you are overwhelmed by loads of emails and your inbox is piled up with a lot of spam content, then it becomes difficult to search for a specific emails. Query Builder is a hidden feature available in Outlook that defines more complex and confine criteria to perform advance search. It has a intuitive interface which let users find the content by applying different conditions. This post elaborates how to integrate Query Builder and the core use of it.

Note: Integration of Query Builder requires modifying the registry, before you start off with it, make sure that you understand how to restore the registry and backup the concerned registry files to prevent occurring of any erratic response.

First you need to close Outlook 2010 if it is running. From taskbar click Windows Start Orb button, type regedit and hit Enter.

You will see Registry Editor dialog, start looking for:


Right-click the Outlook Folder, and from New menu click Key, this will add a new key to the outlook folder.

new key 1

Now Change the name of newly added key to QueryBuilder.

querybuilder 1

Close the Registry Editor dialog. Now launch Outlook 2010.

Go to File menu, click Options, and in left pane click Customize Ribbon, In right pane select All Commands from Choose commands from drop-down options and look for Advance Find command. Now from left pane, select Home and hit New Group, new group will be added to Home tab, change its name to Advance Search, and then click Add >> button to add Advance Find command to newly created group. Click OK to close Outlook Options dialog.

advance find

Now Switch to Home tab, you will see the newly added command button, click Advance Find to open the Advance search options.

newly added 1

You will reach Advance Field dialog, now if you are already acquaint with this feature, then you will notice that one new tab with the name of Query Builder is added in to Advance Find dialog.

advance find dialog 1

Switch to Query Builder tab to find anything you want, by applying orthodox query rules. There are loads of options under Define Field Criteria for searching.

For Instance, we need to find all the mails from either YouTube or Microsoft, for this we need to build a query. First Click Field drop-down button under Define More Criteria.

query dialog 1

Upon click, you will see hundreds of search criteria options, from All Mails Fields menu, click From.

from mail' 1

Under Define More Criteria, select a condition, and from Value enter Text that you want to find, then click Add to List.

add to list 1

Once added, repeat the procedure to add another string that you want to search and click Add to List.

In our case we want to find all the mails received either from Microsoft or YouTube. So we will add Microsoft and YouTube as search strings. From Logical Group drop-down button select desired option (AND, OR ). We will select OR from the options.

and or explained 1

From the right side of the window, click Find Now button to start searching the string with applied condition

click find now 1

In the bottom pane, it yields desired search results with applied conditions.

final find now

Extra Note: We need to add the registry key since it will add the Query Builder tab inside the Advanced Find dialog. By default, Query Builder tab is not present inside Advanced Find.

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