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Quickly Caption A Figure In Word 2010

Earlier, we brought you a guide on inserting cross references and captioning images. Like other word processors, Word 2010 includes a simple and quick option to caption images, while offering you a bunch of image caption-related settings to configure. The Settings dialog helps you adjust all the captions in your document without having to manually set each caption. This not only saves the effort, but also the time that you would have spent adjusting captions manually. In addition, Word 2010 allows users to change the caption text, label, position like above the image, below the selected item etc. You can also manually add a new label and tweak with caption list by defining the numbering pattern; you can choose to select Roman numerals, alphabets or numbers for caption list. Furthermore, the Caption feature offers a quick option to include/exclude caption labels. Word 2010 also includes an AutoCaption option, which is responsible for captioning specified type of objects as soon as author inserts them into a document.

In order to caption an image or object, select and right-click it to select Insert Caption option.


This will open up the Caption dialog. From Label and Position, select the label of the caption and its position, respectively. Clicking Numbering to specify the format of Caption Numbering from the list. Here, you can also choose to include chapter number, and specify the chapter starting style and separator. As stated earlier, it also lets you add custom labels. Using the New Label option, you can create a new label and then use it as a caption label.


This will show the caption underneath the image.


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