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Sort & Organize MS Outlook Items According To Project With yourMail

yourMail is an MS Outlook add-on which helps you reduce the time and effort involved in manual email management. It compiles emails, attachments and other tasks for a particular project, and displays them in a unified manner for easy sorting and management of MS Outlook items related to that specific project. It’s intuitive search and filing options allow emails and attachments to be stored in a structured way, which saves time, and easily allows to located project specific items, when needed.

It must be noted that yourMail has both a paid and free version, and you will require activating your free version within 20 days of installation. This can be done by selecting the free activation option, and filling the form that pops-up.

Your Mail

To create a new project, head over to the yourMail tab and go to Project –> New Project. Once a project is created, you can manage created projects, jump between projects, and get a project overview from adjacent options in this section.

New Project

The new project window provides options to enter a project name, add it to a group, set project priority and add sub-folders to the project.

Create new Project...

Once done, your project and all associated folders, sub-folders, attachments etc, are displayed in an organized manner within MS Outlook. You can open Project Cockpit, add a New Task, New Work Package, Export Task View to an Excel file, Remove Filter to Tree View and View Tagged Emails, as well as Tagged History.

ProjectsOverview - Microsoft Outlook

yourMail also provides a navigation pane to the left, which can be used to get a project overview at a glance. You can use the buttons located at the bottom of this pane to launch various yourMail features (e.g. Project Cockpit).


It must be noted that some of the more advanced features, such as the ability to use several computers and additional Outlook mailboxes, the utility to store files centrally in DMS systems like Microsoft SharePoint or cloud services like Dropbox and Skydrive, as well as team collaboration features, are available in the paid version of the software. yourMail works on MS Outlook 2003 SP4, Outlook 2007 SP3 and Outlook 2010.

Download yourMail

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