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What Is Your Opinion On Office Starter 2010?

Microsoft has revolutionized the way you have been using Office apps. In Office 2010 you will see a lot of new feature and functionality. In coming June, Microsoft will debut Office 2010 which will include a version called Starter that will be available for free. Microsoft also announced that it will be giving Starter version in the newly purchased computers.

Using Starter version would be bit annoying for users because of stretched window and the ads pane which can be seen at the right side of Office applications. Adding more to it, it will be a stripped-down version of final Office version coming down the line, containing minimal feature, functions and featuring only Word 2010 and Excel 2010.

You can see the detailed comparison sheet between the Office final and Starter version here.



Microsoft’s plan is to include Office Starter 2010 in all computers. Once released, it can be downloaded from the official Office 2010 website. The big question here is, will you give it a shot? Will you recommend it to your family and friends who cannot afford to pay for Office 2010? Do you think Microsoft will be successful in grabbing the last remaining  market share from OpenOffice? Let us know your thoughts.

Personally, we believe Microsoft wants to dominate the online space as well, which is currently dominated by Google Docs. What better way to do it than providing users with the free version of Office that has the ability to upload the documents and spreadsheets directly to SkyDrive and then providing users with tools to edit and share them online? Yes, we are talking about Microsoft Office Web Apps. Like we mentioned before, it is all plan of Microsoft to make SkyDrive the central storage destination for everything.


  1. I don’t like the high pressure advertisements on the side panel, the one and only deciding factor for me never to purchase it! It spoils a good product. I stay with Open Sources regardless of some of the limitations.
    Sorry you’ve lost me AND my friends. 

  2. hey guys!I wanted to say that if its free and somebody say that it isn’t full version than it doesn’t mean that they are idiots and not smart.maybe they are smarter than you-have you thinked that way??????

  3. It stinks!  I will look for another office program to use.  I am so mad at microsoft I refuse to give them any of my $$

  4. I have the full Office 2010 on my PC.  But for the last 10 days, everytime I try to open a .xls file, Office Started takes over, installs itself, disconnects my expensive full Excel 201, and then tells me it cannot open my .xls files.  ANd afterwards, i cannot use Excel 2010 because Excel started insists that it is the only program that can be uised to open .x;ls files.  How do I get rid of Excel starter?

  5. this thing really sucks people who try to download microsoft word 2010 sorry feal bad for u my one got deleted

  6. This version is not for free, it’s for making more money by advertising. It does not compete by far with OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Use the full MS version if you don’t want pass a “lifetime” being a “starter”.

  7. How many corporations give away software? They had to because noone would pay for it. What we have is a bare bones version of office 2010 and they did not “give” us powerpoint. When I purchased my computer I tried to get a full version of office upgrade at a discounted cost but they would not do it. Maybe, next time I will buy a mac. I think I will send them a virus or two.

    • Remember folks, it is a free version of software, so what if it comes with Ads. If you want all the tools of an Office Suite, then purchase the full version. Good luck on getting it to have more apps or less ads if you purchase a Mac over a PC. Now that was a funny.

    • Years ago it was quite common for software companies to offer the minus 2 or 3 version free. IIRC Borland, Lotus & Adobe used to do this. Microsoft could do the same thing offering Office 2003 or 2000 free to download.

  8. I like it and I don’t even recognize the adds, but I do have a 23 inch screen so I guess it might bother me if all i had was a small lap top, however it is free!!!!

  9. Just move the window to the right and the ads cannot then be seen. As most screen are wide screen you can still see full width of a letter. I’d assumed it was a month trial but am amazed it’s free as it includes mail merge and other things which I wouldn’t call basic. still prefer Word 95 though!

  10. This is bull so they loaded 30 gigs of crap on my brand new out of box computer and don’t even give me all of the office products. Microsoft why do you wonder when people steal your products.if Microsoft didn’t load pre-moldy copies of windows on new computers and actually bother to give a copy of windows rather than a restore disk which restore windows with all of the crap still on it maybe there would be less people to steal it.

    • if yopu dont want 30 gig used up uninstall it………and download open office …. or have microsoft for free……. it’s SIMPLE’S

    • @Ryan,
      The “30gigs of crap” is whats known as an OPERATING SYSTEM, its kind of needed if you want to use the “out of the box” computer you just bought. If you don’t like it use opensource software such as a linux O/S (ubuntu) and Open office… But guess what… It uses space too! :O!.

      If you like I’ll explain what makes your ‘out of the box’ computer so rubbish… its all the bloatware and stupid software that the manufacturer add in for no reason, and these are the same people who give you the restore disk with all the lovely software pre-loaded by them… If you want someone to moan at, its them.

      I think its ace, and about time that Microsoft are providing a free version of office (basic as it is) and will help cut down on piracy in a huge way… All most people want to do is open and edit a word file…

  11. Like somebody said, it is free. If the ads really bother you that much, pay for it! My wifes computer has a very small screen, and it works just fine for what she needs it for. The ads really aren’t that annoying. I don’t like ads on programs, but I am unwilling to pay the price to remove the ads. I think it’s great that Microsoft is finally making an attempt to give something away, it’s progress!

  12. You all are idiots, its a free version. At least you didn’t have to pay $100 or more for the program.

    • Hi Somebody (and others),
      You are totally wrong saying it’s a free version.
      I paid for it when buying the computer (same and windows), you buy a full pack of services.
      I chooce my computer among others because it has office starter.
      It’s unfair that microsoft (and the companies selling the computers) use this strategy.
      As other people has been writing in this page, It’s an intrusive and unfair game.
      David (Spain)

    • You should’ve gone with the cheaper and/or better computer then. I went with a cheaper and better computer that didn’t have Office Starter, and then I went online to the Microsoft website and downloaded Office Starter for free – yes, completely 100% free.

  13. my girlfriend couldn’t focus on her homework because of those stupid adds and my computer wouldn’t even download the version that came with it. Microsoft must have been high when they decided how much there office starter was convenient. it was advertised with my computer and was so not worth it.

  14. I agree with the comment above. I have a small screen on my new laptop. I find the pane on the right side of Office Starter 2010, Word and Excel, difficult to work with. It annoys me that you do not have the option to hide or remove it, and that Microsoft would have to gall to intrude into my workspace with unwanted advertizing – Well … I’m done with this program… I uninstalled it and downloaded the free Open Office from Oracle/ Java – it works great and does not have the intrusive, obstructive advertizing – screw Microsoft!

    • you’re an idiot and apparently not very smart.  ITS FREE.  if you dont want it to intrude on your precious workspace then buy the full program.  shit for brains.  how are you still alive?  

    • Nice to see people like you with real common sense. I don’t understand where from these morons come.

  15. Quite disappointed with the impossible-to-remove ads on the right side. I have a 10-in laptop, so that restrains my spreadsheet view to 7 inches. Royally sucks !

    • I pitty these OpenSource guys. I assume you to be a very young guy / gal who has never bought any peice of software anytime in your life. Or perhaps a student.

      These OpenSource community has spoiled the lot by giving something that actually does not live upto the expectation. I am not sure if I can say that value for quality software is not appreciated.

      I agree something is better than nothing. I am an IT guy with over 20 years in the business and have tried Open Office, Libre Office and the like at my company. My people aren’t simply happy with the OpenSource stuff. Well, I have been a great fan of Bll Gates and Microsoft for a long long time. But the MS licencing policies these days really really succcccccccccccccks real real hard. I think MS must thin down its profit and bring down the pricing and some flexibility in licensing. MS has built great products, enough name, enough fame, enough money blah blah blah….

      It is a good move to have a major product of MS offered free with limitations. Forcing constant ads is a cheap idea for a company like MS. I am not sure whether it is streamed constantly or so. But I am sure there is no option to close the ad portion.

      On the whole, I do not appreciate “Disappointed”. It looks like he / she does not understand business and perhaps very immature. Making such comments on public forum will easily misguide the individuals with no common sense and a few others as well.

  16. NUL !!!!!!!
    impossible d’imprimer. problème récurant
    message:”aucune imprimante installée”
    impossible d’y remédier après toutes les réinstallations possibles (pilotes et office starter)
    et toutes les possibilités ont étés essayées: CA NE MARCHE PAS
    très déçu !!!!
    lisez les forums, le problème est général

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