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Comparison of Office 2010 & Office Starter 2010

Office 2010 is scheduled for release in June of this year, along with it Microsoft will be offering lightweight ad-supported version called Office Starter 2010, which will be free for lifetime. This version will not be providing the full functionality and has less features, today we will be putting some light on what you will be missing in Microsoft Office Starter 2010.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 will be featuring only two applications; Word and Excel.

Take a look at the both versions of Word 2010.

You may have noticed from the screenshot that several tabs are missing, To give you the complete details of what is missing Office Starter, we have made a comparison sheet.

Take a glance at Excel 2010 and Excel Starter 2010.

The detailed difference in features can be seen in the table below.

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  1. I am 83 yrs old and loved microsoft word I could type and print and save all my recipes now I am lost
    I cannot find how to do these things I need simple and easy help me

  2. tape…

    Word Starter looks ok.

    too bad about auditing missing from starter excel. auditing is useful. what about other features like conditional formatting, column filters?
    I’ve been using gnumeric, btw. it doesn’t seem to have conditional formatting. but it has normal (usable) toolbars.

    Starter looks like ok ‘upgrade’ from 1990’s MS Works

  3. Just bought a new PC. It comes with the office starter products. Altho I am NOT a business user, just home stuff, I do use both word and XL a lot and am used to having a dozen short cut icons on the same page as the document I’m working on and not having to keep going back thro menu options to open a new page, insert a line or cell or whatever… Am I missing something on the starter version or does it not offer this basic option; to be able to drag short cuts to a convenient space. Excuse the lack of techno speak !!!!

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