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Airport Arrivals and Departure: Travel Management & Real-Time Flight Tracking For Android

If you’re a regular traveller, and frequently require to have information pertaining to your flights, airports, hotels and transportation facilities close at hand, then Webport’s official Android app called Airport Arrivals and Departure can prove to be a great addition to the apps on your Android device. The app’s main features include, real-time tracking of flight statuses of all the top airlines of the world, ability to fetch live weather info and current time of local and international locations, comprehensive information pertaining to the top airports of the world, instant contact information regarding required airlines, hotels, travel agencies and transportation service providers, scheduling and managing your on-tour hotel stays as well as local travelling chores, and lots more.


Airport Arrivals and Departure serves as the hub of all the information that a traveller might require while on the go. Not only does the app connect you to airports and airline services via their respective websites, but also presents you with detailed contact information pertaining to places/facilities in and around the location to which you plan to travel. The app allows you to keep a detailed log of your queries, and lets you save your desired travelling preferences so that you don’t have to go through the same ordeal again. All it needs in the beginning is your current location so that it can fetch all nearby travel services and facilities.


Once past that, you can begin to conduct your travel queries as desired. For instance, using the Airport Finder tab on the app’s homescreen, you can easily search for the required airport by region/city. For each airport listed in the app’s database, you can view comprehensive information, such as current local time and weather, schedules of all flight arrivals and departures, supported/affiliated airlines, nearby hotels, rental cars, contact info, airport map, detailed airport statistics and data, and info about the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in the area.


The Flight Status screen is divided into tabs for Airlines, Hotels, Cars and Agencies, where each individual tab is dedicated to letting you quickly access the website and contact information of the required facility.


The Travel tab on the app’s homescreen lets you easily organize your stay at a particular place. In this regard, you can search for and pick your favorite hotel/resort by specifying the required city, check in & out dates, number of guests and rooms, and the hotel class. In the same way, you can get information regarding available transportation services by specifying a pickup city, pickup and drop off date, as well as time and location.


Download Airport Arrivals and Departure for Android

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