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Tablet-Optimized Version Of eBook Reader Aldiko Released [Android]

Aldiko is easily amongst the most popular and downloaded eBook Readers for Android, and the crowd-favorite app just got even better with the latest update that it has received. This holds true especially if you own an Android tablet, because the updated Aldiko Book Reader v2.1.0 now sports a fully table-optimized UI. For those unfamiliar with the eBook reader in question, Aldiko Sync is one of the very few solutions out there that let you sync your eBook data across various devices. In doing so, it uses your Dropbox cloud storage, saves your reading progress from each added resource to said service, and then, lets you access your personalized data and preferences from virtually any device that has the official Aldiko Sync Android client installed on it. Luckily, for tablet owners, you can now get your hands on this magical functionality, courtesy of the recently released tablet-optimized variant of the app. What’s even more delightful than the app’s arrival on Android tablets is the various customization and tweaks that you can avail to enhance your eReading experience on a tablet.The app’s homescreen now utilizes the large working area of your tablet, and presents you with a Holo-theme like dual-pane interfacewhere all the downloaded and recommended Aldiko books are presented on a bookshelf at the right hand side, whereas the left pane displays a dedicated Aldiko menu. Then there are some noteworthy changes made to the app’s eBook reader interface where you can tap the screen while reading a book to reveal an option-packed menu that presents you with various options to make your reading experience as convenient as desired. For instance, using the font changing option, you can shrink the text size to a lower enough value to read your books via a dual-page mode. In addition, there are various other options present on this menu, such as orientation toggle, brightness level adjustment slider, toggle switch between day and night reading mode, in-page text searching, easy navigation to different pages within the eBook and lots more. Apart from that, there are several other performances improvement and bug fixes that can be seen with the latest update.


Among other performance enhancements, we have an ‘improved quality of book covers in the store’ (although the reality seems to suggest otherwise). The updated version of Aldiko Reader now supports better OPDS callbacks features, supports more global languages, and lets you directly open PDF file attachments from your Gmail client (for Honeycomb user only).



Download Aldiko Book Reader for Android


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