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Android 2.2 Froyo Update For Samsung Spica Coming Soon? [Update]

Although we know for a fact that Samsung is one company that doesn’t believe much on customer support when it comes to updating it’s cell phone firmware. The update issue of Samsung Behold is one very fine example of this. Keeping all this in view, there is a prevalent rumor that Samsung will be updating current Samsung i5700 Spica with Android 2.2 Froyo.

This was actually disclosed by a member at Samdroid forum, who claims that his source of information has been some friend’s relative working for Samsung. It is also interesting that this guy has asked people to follow him on Twitter to get the latest updates and in one of his latest tweets he unveils the tip source.


We are not sure whether to believe this hypothetical claim or not and leave it on your discretion. We can call this all a publicity stunt but just in case, if this rumor ever materializes , then all Samsung Spica users can rejoice for sure. It is still unknown whether this will be an OTA update for “all” Spica users or it will just be on the newly shipped ones.

Samsung i5700 Spica is a high-end android powered phone that has been out in the market for quite some time and you can find the root instructions here.

Update: As expected it was a spoof that was being threaded about at samdroid.net. We are sorry for any temporary rejoicing that this news might have caused but again,  we reported what we saw and observed. Thanks.


  1. Can anybody tell me how to upgrade Galaxy Spica from 2.1 Eclairs to 2.2 Froyo??
    Please tell me the procedure…..

  2. I am currently running gingerbread (2.3) on my Spica and all is fine, dont believe the bullsh1t samsung feeds you.

    look up samdroid dot net for more info

    • Can you tell me how you updated it. I tried but when the phone locks the screen it just stays black, it wont come back to life and I have to reboot

  3. actually, i dont aspect samsung being updating the galaxy spica because of the internal memory before updating to 2.1:180 mb
    after updating to 2.1:nearly 130 mb

  4. I got 2.1 on my SPICA and it’s cool
    I believe it’s very slightly different then the Galaxy S, it’s just the camera and memo with the price??
    (ehm, and the software upgrade thing is not there either but no dramas… 2.1 is fantastic anyways)
    SPICA can!!

  5. I had a message back from Samsung Customer services saying that all their Android phones are getting upgraded to 2.2. I have seen the same message sent to another user on a different forum. I got Virgin mobile to contcat Samsung for me as I was getting no where with them. The GT-I5700 is capable of running 2.2. People have already done unofficial version of it.

  6. i a gree about that…
    the spica its best phone android…
    spica can be upgrade eclair…, i think can be upgrade to froyo…
    couse, android OS …open OS bro…
    we must optimis about that news bro…

  7. There will be no update for the Samsung Spica (I5700) to Android 2.2 because of hardware.


  8. Dude, just remove the no-good Pantheon launcher and Spica with Android 2.1 works like a charm!

    How to do it:
    – Install ‘Home Switcher’ from market (free)
    – Install (for example) ‘LauncherPro’ from market (works fast and looks nice, free version is just fine)
    – Start Home Switcher, and set your new launcher as default, and start it
    – Press Home button and your done.

  9. Spica is gr8, i think it is. And i updated to 2.1, and i’ll update to froyo too. It’s good enough for it, so don’t blame our little Spica!

  10. Why are people saying it can’t handle Froyo?! Come on, Froyo has a 400-500% speed boost because of JIT. It will run FASTER on the phone than Eclair ever could.

    Not to talk about that leshak already showed us an alpha version of froyo on spica.

  11. Dont belive about a froyo update on spica! why? even it has “800mhz” processor a qualcomm 528mhz processor used in other android phones are faster and can handle the 2.2 Froyo dont you wonder why only galaxy Spica uses 800mhz when other android phones can use it? even galaxy apollo which is a higher end android phone uses 600mhz qualcomm processor….

  12. In otherwords, the SPica doesnt have enough juice to run 2.2? Fudge, I cant even upgrade to 2.1!! I hate Samsung!!! That’s good I only paid $10 for the darn thing.

    • Why can you upgrade to 2.1? o_O I went to the Samsung outlet recently, probably 2 month ago, and i told them that i wanted to upgrade my galaxy spica, and they immediately helped me to do it. I find that Samsung is great, but they take too long to update the phone software version, and unlike apple iphones and itouchs, it’s hard to update the version via the web.
      However i am also very agitated about the fact that Samsung may not be updating galaxy spica to 2.2 ):
      Haha, i bought my galaxy spica for $50 😀

    • you can’t upgrade to 2.1? That was stupid. I upgrade already mine. Maybe you don’t know the right procedure how to upgrade it

  13. It is a high end phone dude… it has a 800 MHz processor man… it doesn’t have other stupid high features like 8 mp camera or Hd recording, otherwise its Gr8

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