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Root Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 With LeshaK’s Kernel

As promised, I am back with a complete, step-by-step guide to rooting Samsung’s Galaxy Spica/Lite/Portal i5700 Android handset, using LeshaK’s Kernel Spica v.LK2.02. Not only is this root easy without any complex commands, but also it brings nicety such as full root, su+Superuser, support for ext2, ext3 and ext4 SD card partitions, recovery mode, etc.

A few things before I begin with the walkthrough. First, the whole credit for this guide, the kernel used and everything else goes to LeshaK, the administrator of Samdroid forum. I have just simplified his guide for average users, since most of the forum is in Russian. Second, this guide assumes that your device is running on firmware 2.1, any version above JC3, and you know how to use Odin. If you want to know how to upgrade your firmware, check out our 2.1 update guide for Spica.

Third, this guide also assumes that your Samsung Android drivers (USB modem and Composite device) are properly installed, and that you have Android Debug Bridge (adb) properly configured. If not, check our the 2.1 update guide for drivers, and tutorial for setting up adb.

Please remember that any modifications to your firmware are potentially dangerous, and while they reward greatly, you must proceed at your own risk. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is advisable to avoid rather than having a bricked device. You have been warned!

This process will not delete any of your files or settings, both in SD card and internal memory.

Without further ado, here’s how to gain root and flash LeshaK’s kernel 2.02.

To begin with, download these two files.

  1. LK2-02-1_update.zip
  2. i5700_LK2-02_PDA.zip

Also download the Odin Multiloader for Android here if you don’t have it already. You need the spica_jc3.ops file for this guide, which we have bundled with Odin.

Mount your SD card, and place LK2-02-1_update.zip in the root of SD card (it should be inside the root folder of the card, not any subfolder). See the screenshot below.

memory card update placement

Unmount the SD card in Windows, turn phone off and remove your SIM card just to be safe. Let the SD card remain inserted, and put the device in Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Camera + Call End keys. The phone screen should look like this:

Download Mode

Your phone should not be connected with the PC at this time via USB cable. Run Odin as administrator, and load the extracted i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar file as PDA in Odin. Load spica_jc3.ops as the OPS file. You may need to click Reset Files once before Odin will clear previous settings. Make sure your selections match the screenshot below.


With your device in Download Mode, attach it to the PC via USB cable. The message box will now show the Added and Detected message, as shown above. If all is set and handset has been detected, click the Start button to begin flashing the new kernel to the device.


Wait for the flash to finish until the following screen appears. The device will reboot during this time and enter recovery mode.


To be safe, wait for the process to finish entirely, which shall be indicated by a ‘PASS’ replacing the ‘RESET’ message.


Meanwhile, your phone’s screen will be showing the following image.


Use the D-pad to move up and down between options. Select ‘Apply any zip from SD’ and press OK button. The next screen will show all the zip files present in the root of your SD card. Select the one indicated in the screenshot below, and press OK.


You will be asked for confirmation to install the update. Press the Home button to confirm.


The update will install, delete some files, copy some more, and after about a minute you will see the following screen.


Reboot the device by either clicking OK on Root system now, or press the Home + Back keys together. The device will reboot once more and that’s it: you have successfully rooted your Spica. Go to Settings > About Phone on your device and scroll down to verify the new kernel.

phone status

You may also run the adb command to verify su status, indicated by the command prompt showing ‘#’ instead of ‘$’ when you access the shell.


With LeshaK’s Kernel 2.02, you get the following advantages (as mentioned on the Samdroid forum)

1. Fully rebuilds Spica Linux Kernel from Samsung sources, plus:
– full root in adb (you can use cp etc, not only cat)
– root – su+Superuser
– add Netfilter/iptables (Walldroid, Wifi Tether)
– support ext2/ext3/ext4
– cifs (smb – support windows network shares)
– squashfs (for recovery utils)

2. Recovery
– apply update.zip files (android install/update system)
– samdroid backup – create .tar file (system + data), restore via Odin
– wipe (data, cache, dalvik-cache)
– you can repartition your SD card on 2 partitions FAT32 + ext2

3. Apps2sd based on CyanogenMod apps2sd
– move applications from internal memory to SD card with two partitions (FAT32 + ext2/3/4)

Soon I will come up with a guide on configuring and using apps2sd on Spica. Meanwhile, happy rooting and good luck. Please use this process with care, we are not responsible for bricked devices. Feedback, questions and general comments are greatly appreciated.


  1. hey guys…… i encounter big problem with my samsung spica… I went to dev tool and went to pointer location and check its under (something set pointer etc..) suddenly my phone hangs and restart and i see pattern on my screen like a cross line and then it hangs and restart and so on i cannot open already my phone… what should i do? i need your help guys thank you… can you email me your answer guys at gadreel123@yahoo.com.. GODBLESS!!!

  2. good morning, i went to repair cellphone last night to unlock my samsung GT15007 but something happened to my cell they can not reboot my cellphone and reset the root according to them. what will i do to reset the root and to unlock my cellphone? thank you for responding. God bless

  3. Successfully updated my Spica after lots of retires.

    Phone details:
    Model Number – GT-15700
    Firmware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband Version – i570EDDJC5
    Kernal Version – 2.6.29 shun.cho@SE-S605 #2
    Build Number – ECLAIR.DDJC5

    Thinks that I tried to get rid of the connection problem.
    – Make sure Kies is not running. In the task manager kill Kies and Kies tray agent
    – For the samsung “Downloading…” screen make sure phone is not connected to usb
    – Before running Odin, make sure phone is not connected.
    – Ran Odin as administrator and in Window XP SP2 compatibility mode. I was on Win7 64 bit
    – Connected phone after started odin. check if it detects the phone or not. Also check In device manager that both samsung drivers are shown.
    – Now start the upgrade and it will work 🙂

  4.  Hi guys, I have Samsung Galaxy Spica (Phone: i5700XXIK1). I flashed it 6 months ago with firmware JE1 to android 2.1. Can I do this root with my phone ? With wich firmware ? Thanks.

  5. Great post. Just was been able to install the staff. Initially I was also stuck at “setup connection…”. The only thing I needed to do was restart the process once more. That is close odin. Remove the phone from usb. restart the phone once. And then again restart it in download mode. etc. etc. And the thing just worked. Now I have rooted the phone successfully. Also the phone feels much faster now. Thanks a lot for the great post.

  6. Hello… what I wanna ask is, COM number on “COM port mapping” label is must be 5 or not? Or just follow the default based on aou device? (my device default COM number is 13)

  7. hi, i have upgraded my phone to andorid 2.1 with firmware JE1 but it is not  very good (i haven´t live wallpapers…) so i want this … please, can i upgrade my phone another time with this guide ? i have Phone: i5700XXIK1 , thank you

  8. After I take my phone in download mode and in Odin I click to Start this message appeared “Please connect phone” but my phone is already connected. What can I do now? Please help and sorry for my bad english.

  9. hey I need help for some reason Odin wont recognize my android phone I have a samsung galaxy Spica firmware is 2.1
    basebandversion i570edXJC2
    Kernel version 2.6.29 chad.lee@SE-S604 #2
    Buildnumber ECLAIR.DXJC4


    PLEASE help for some reason I did everything it says but when I put my phone on download mode and do everything that it tells me to do in ODIN well lets just say that Odin never detects my phone its like I didnt even plug it in my laptop pls help ty

  10. Hi, just stoppin by
    some say that using windows 7 to root android device may fail
    use windows xp to root, many succeed

  11. Hi!


    One Click Root for Spica !

    Tested, Working.

    MD5: 08bd16addbd61e366cb4b990cde092af


    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    Do not use spaces in the folder name where you unpacked this program.
    !! IMPORTANT !!!

    1. Run Galaxy Spica OneClick Root 1.0.exe as administrator.
    2. Click Root button, and wait 5-10 sec…
    3. Enjoy!!!


    Im Mike, Im 15, Im dumb as hell, and once I tryed to apply any zip from SD, my phone found no file in which I put onto the root of my phone earlier. Now my phone just loads up with the blue samdroid.net loading screen but just freezes once the loading bar is full. Any ideas?

  13. Hi I manged to follow all steps correctly and flash and root my phone but i can no longer download anything from the app market, is there a way of fixing this?

  14. Help pls. Odin does NOT sence my COM and Spica.
    Got spica running in download mode. Tried the process over and over many times.
    PLs help very urgent> TKS

  15. whilst in odin, i click on the PDA button and it comes up with an explorer, when i click in the folder that contains the file necessary the root with kernel PDA one, it doesnt show up? need help….. please?

    • I i am afraid that i have Bricked my divice,it get suck at the samdroid.net screen… how did you manage to recover yourse?

      regards peter

    • Bleh  Yes it is possible, i used android 1.5 with this guide.
      Now it is upgraded to Android 2.2

  16. did exactly as stated but ended up..

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…

    waited but nothing happen, So how long must i wait, restarted from step 1 many times and have redownloaded everything many times.

    pls help urgent..

    many tks

  17. Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    wtf? please help!

  18. Whenever I turn my phone on now I get the image that says Samdroid.net official partner etc.
    There’s a grey progress bar, but it just loads that bar and does nothing else.

    Have a destroyed my phone? 🙁

  19. Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…

    Just stays like this for minutes and does nothing, restarted from step 1 many times and have redownloaded everything many times.

  20. @pedro….press start button instead of reset

    If downloading bar does not start to fill after pressing the START button in odin(at least a minute) …..try getting battery out and restart the process.

  21. HI,

    I’m doing all the steps as they are mentioned but when I get to the Odin step, I execute Odin as admin. (OK!), I load OPS (OK!), I load PDA (i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar) (ok) but when I press RESET the PDA field is cleared again and in the space where it was to be the 1 (COM 5) in yellow, nothing!!!

    What am I doing wrong???


    pedro, Portugal

  22. Hi
    can someone help me? i cant connect my phone in download mode to PC. I try it in another PC but it doesnt connect.
    Mobile phone info:
    firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: i570EXXJC1
    Build number: ECLAIR.XXJCF
    Kernel version: 2.6.29 root@SE-S610 #2

    If you know how to repair it pls send email to juraj.tomecek7@gmail.com thx 🙂


  24. If I were to not want this anymore how would I be able to get rid of it? Would i just go on the SD card and remove the .zip file?

    • No, the file copied to the SD card is used for installation. Once installed, removing that file won’t remove the installation. You will have to find another kernel like the stock kernel and install that to get the device back to the way it was.

  25. Nothing to do for this, just go in samsung Authorized service center and asked him about your problem they shawl your problem within a minute. Trust me. Thnx

  26. worked for me

    but had many issues at start but what worked when I followed your guide but i made sure to turn off all that ker and pc studio stuff, and it worked

    before root
    Model Number – GT-I5700
    Firmware Version – 2.1-Update-1
    Baseband Version – I570EXXJC1
    Kernel Version 2.6.29 root@SE-S610 #2
    …Build Number Eclair.XXJCE

  27. I’ve tried with jc1 and i stucked at connection thing in odin, so i’ve pulled out a battery. So concluded jc1 not working. Then i first flashed to latest firmware from samsung firmwares, I570EXXJH7. Then i’ve flashed with i5700_LK2-08_PDA.tar and LK2-02-1_update.zip, and lately i’ve flashed i5700_Froyo_cm-6.1_update.zip. It works just fine for me. Wish you all the luck.

  28. Hi all,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy PORTAL i.e. the same phone but in the UK. Atm I have:

    Model No: GTI5700
    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: i570EXXJC1
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29 root@SE-S610 #2
    Build no: ECLAIR.XXJD2

    Can I still use the above method or is it different? Also, I have problems extracting the i5700_LK2-02_PDA.zip file, get error saying:

    ! C:\Users\David\Downloads\i5700_LK2-02_PDA.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    using winrar.

    Would appreciate help!


  29. PLZ HELP
    i got stuck up at the process of applying any zip from SD.
    i select LK-02-1 update.zip then an errror comes like
    E: error in install_busybox.sh (status 65280)
    E: failure at line 21: run_program PACKAGE : install_busybox.sh
    Installation aborted.

    what to do now…plz help

  30. after updatin ma phone s proper but i lost market application ……….ma phone sw samsung galaxy spica can u plz help me hw 2 get it back…..plz soon

  31. How to tether Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
    Model Number – GT-I5700
    Firmware Version – 2.1-Update-1
    Baseband Version – I570EXXJC1
    Kernel Version 2.6.29 root@SE-S610 #2
    …Build Number Eclair.XXJCE

    i want to do Usb tethering like EasyTether does

    Easyther is working fine but its has limitation in freeware version that we can not open SSl websites

    • i repeat the step 1 many time but no response …………..n sometime after 2 secs windows encounter a problem ……..help plz …………..thanks in advance

  32. does you have method root access and upgrading to froyo for samsung galaxy 5 (GT i5503) ? if you had it please post it. thanks.

    • Dear sir, I also need to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy GT-I5503 to Android 2.2(Froyo) from Android 2.1…. Kindly anyone help please..

  33. someone help me is this safe to be rooted? firmware version 2.1-update1

    Baseband version i570edajd1

    kernel version 2.6.29

    chad.lee@SE-s604 #2

    build number ECLAIR.DAJD2

    (pls someone help me to fix this, i really want to root my fon and put some cool stuffs… please………… tnx in advance……….. pls message me for info..

  34. Dear sir,
    I have upgraded this one, but unfortunately I can’t hear in-call voice. and applications are not installed on sd card please help me to clear the problem or please tell me how to remove & downgrade to old one.
    thanks in advance.

  35. — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 87

    that appears whenever i click start on odin 🙁 help please

  36. Can i follow your guide if my firmware is : i570EXXJC1 (updated with PC studio automatically).

    Ps: really nice guide dude !!

  37. Some steps might be missing in this guide I could connect my phone and it got detected but when I started the process in(clicking start in the odin) it is not connecting and even after waiting for an hour nothing happened and I have to disconnect my phone and if I connect it again it is not even connecting

  38. Frimware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband version – i570EXXJC1
    Kernel version – 2.6.29 root @SE-S611 #2
    Build number – ECLAIR.XXJCD



  39. Thanks for the guiding… much appreciated and more helping rather than going to Samsung Center… LOL,
    I wonder if somebody else has the same problem with me, after rooting and install M900 wifi tether, my wifi does not start anymore, it always “unable to start wifi”.
    Please share with me how to solve this case.

  40. Thank you so much for this step by step guide in rooting spica. The images helped a lot for newbies like me, specially those who are not that so tech savvy (both in the android and PC programs). I followed every step to the letter including the steps needed (adb and the samsung android), and voila – I have a rooted spica as of last night.

    I will await your promise: “…Soon I will come up with a guide on configuring and using apps2sd on Spica…”

    Again, thanks for helping this newbie.

    • how can u do the 1st step i dont know how to put it my sd root… how can i find my sd root? tnx

  41. why is the odin multidownloader still setting up the connection with the phone?! 5Mins has pass and its still the same!any idea what is wrong?

  42. hi, i followed the steps and all seemed to work fine until after it reset it doesn’t get past the samdroid loading page. Is it bricked? what should i do?

    • There is nothing to worry. Just boot into recovery and do a factory reset, ie, wipe cache and data.

  43. Hi Please help.
    My Spica firmware version is i570EDDJC5
    I have rooted my spica successfully using LeshaK’s kernel 2.02 from using this guide
    But I don’t see any SamdroidTools icon in app drawer. There is only Superuser Whitelist icon in app drawer.
    1. How to get SamdroidTools icon?
    2. where to get update.zip file which is used in Recovery? Because when i try to download it from Recovery I get nothing.
    3. Also when I install Live wallpapers and go to Home screen and browse wallpapers list I don’t find Live wallpapers there in the list?

    Now My spica’s firmware is:

    Baseband version : i570EDDJC5
    Kernel version : 2.6.29 leshak@i5700-dev7 #65
    Build number : Leshak’s Kernel v.LK2.01.1

    Please help its urgent because my phone is running out of internal memory, apps2sd is required. Also I need Live wallpapers.

  44. I have Firmware version- 2.1
    Baseband Version- i570EDDJC5
    can i follow your guide for my baseband version and please tell me which baseband version is latest and suitable for root by leshak and where did i find it……

  45. What a wonderful and excellent tutorial. I made it easily with your brilliant guide. Just a litte bit problem after rooted, many of my previous applications which was working well now are forced close. Even some small aplication like k9 or launcher. Could you please help me why and how to fix it? Or should I unroot it? But how?

  46. I am not able to connect my Galxy spica android 1.5 to my laptop.
    I want to take contact back up.
    But after connecting device, message comes “device is unsupported”

  47. Great instructions, all made very clear.
    I have a problem though, I can’t get Odin to detect my spica even though it’s shown in device manager.

    Has anybody got an answer to this please?

    my phone is GT i5700
    firmware 2.1 update 1
    baseband i570edajd1
    kernel 2.6 29 chad.lee@se-s604 #2
    build # eclair.dajd2


    • how can u do the 1st step i dont know how to put it my sd root… how can i find my sd root? tnx

  48. hi…

    i have already upgraded to JC5 thru samsung service centre.

    I am following your guide & odin detects my phone on com31. But, once i start flashing, theres no activity. Odin status shows setup connection & apart from that there is no moment. I tried many other things but odin will not proceed.

    Any idea?

  49. Is this applicable for official release of Eclair 2.1?
    My spec is
    Baseband: i570EDDjC5
    Kernel: 2.6.29 shun.cho@SE-S605 #2
    Build no: ECLAIR.DDjC5
    Location: India
    Thanks in advance for the help

  50. Is this applicable for official release of Eclair 2.1?
    My spec is
    Baseband: i570EDDjC5
    Kernel: 2.6.29 shun.cho@SE-S605 #2
    Build no: ECLAIR.DDjC5
    Location: India(Starhub for APN)
    Thanks in advance for the help,

  51. my phone is GT i5700
    firmware 2.1 update 1
    baseband i570edajd1
    kernel 2.6 29 chad.lee@se-s604 #2
    build # eclair.dajd2

    I am in Manila, Philippines.
    I cannot get online, the browser wont load any URL’s, although Wi-Fi works ok.
    I believe this was a Globe phone.

    Has this been rooted already? Can I root it?


  52. Excellent guide, it worked for me! Before root, my phone was updated from 1.6 to 2.1 at a Samsung service center in Thailand.

    Firmware version: 2.1-update 1
    Baseband version: i570EDXJC2
    Kernel version: 2.6.29 — chad.lee@SE-S604 #2
    Build number: ECLAIR.DXJC4

    I rooted using a Macbook Pro running Windows 7 in Boot Camp, Odin won’t connect to the phone in VMWare Fusion.

    • I am also unable to update via VMWare Fusion, as Odin COM port mapping is not recognized !!

  53. hey! i’ll install that lesha’s kernel and do I need format the sd card as fat32 & ext2 for use app2sd?

  54. Everybody can update,no mater which firmware you have.For apps2sd go into menu-samdroid tools-apps2sd setting and enable apps2sd (you can enable dalvik too).Apps will be moved to sd after some time…

  55. model number GT-15700
    firmware version 2.1-update1
    baseband i570EXXJC1
    Kernal version 2.6.29 root@SE-S611 #2
    build number ECLAIR.XXJCD

    How do i root that

  56. Dears,
    I am using Samsung Spica with following version.
    Firmware Version
    Baseband Version
    kernal version
    Bulid Number

    please could you please guide me to update new firmware. I am based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I Bought this mobile 3 month back.

    Thanks in advance.

  57. Hi,

    I have Spica with Leshak kernel:

    Kernel Version: 2.6.29
    leshak@i5700-dev7 #105

    I am trying to get my phone unlocked (removing NUC lock)
    But, vendor said due to phone being with diff kernel he is not able to get it done.

    1. As i have Super User access, can i do it myself and how?
    2. If not, then can i get the original kernel back and how?

    any suggestions or pointers are appreciated.


    • Even in Windows 7 64 bit? Shut up, I can’t even get Windows 7 to identify the phone. I had to use XP to update to 2.1.

  58. I am having firmware I570EDDJC5 with Kernel ver.6.29 shun.cho@SE-S605#2 is it ok to update with lower LeshaK’s Kernel version 2.2?

  59. Hey, I am going to use this guide, before it I’d like to know is the official firmware valide to use this guide?
    My info about the phone:
    firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: 570EXXJC1
    Build number: ECLAIR.XXJCF

    In addition, can I use LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.7z for this guide?
    Am I right that it is possible to flash, if needed from original firmware to that firmware where is the link in this guide? If somebody guide me lots of thanks. I think that there are plenty of people who would need this information as some people have asked so far.

  60. I have Firmware version- 2.1
    Baseband Version- i570EDXJC2
    can i follow your guide for my baseband version.

  61. why cant i have downloading mood on samsuing i7500 i hold the keys but nothing appear on vabration i feel in the phone , help plz

  62. Hi,
    Guide is awesome. My Baseband Version is i570EDDJC5 and Firmware Version is 2.1-update1. Can I root my device? I have updated my Spica 1.5 to 2.1 from Samsung service center. Also, will this enable me to use my sd card to install the apps? Because that will be awesome! Thanks!

  63. hello, I just wanted to ask that if I root my phone, and later a newer firmware will be released, that I want to upgrade, then I have to do the rooting again? Thanks for your help in advance.

  64. hi, i own a galaxy spica and ever since i upgraded from 1.5 to 2.1 my home wifi hasn’t been working, its saying its connected but i can’t seem to browse, cant even connect to android market. what is wrong with my phone? what do you call an android phone with no surfing capabilities?=(

  65. I have the following, can I follow the your process to root my i5700? i’m a newbie in modding cellphones

    Baseband: i570EDXJC2
    kernel: 2.6.29
    Build: ECLAIR.DXJC4

    thanks in advance

  66. Any news about the guide on configuring and using apps2sd on Spica yet?

    Since I am an app addict, the Spica is getting out of memory soon 🙂

  67. Hi,

    Great guide but i’m having a problem. I’m running JD4 and when i choose the LK2.02.1.update.zip on start-up the phone displays this message: e:can’t find update script – aborted.

    How can I resolve this? I had to flash the old PDA back to get the phone working again.

    • just install samdriod kitchen mod from samdriod forums.Apply it to ur SD card as u applied the LK2.01.1(Apply any zip from sd).System recovery mode can be started by pressing the volume down+call initiating+call ending or power on-off buttons.and get the full use of live wallpaper,helixlauncher,3D galary and much more……Dont forget to click wipe data-catche option first …than click to create partition of u r choice ,and than apply any zip from sd( samdriod mod )…..reboot by pressing ok….

  68. Amazing guide.I read many tutorials but was hesitant 2 root.
    Your tutorial was so simple that i did it without any1’s help.
    Thanks a lot & keep it coming 🙂

  69. Hi and thank you for this great tutorial, clear and concise.

    I am new to rooting and are wondering if there is a way to “unroot”, getting the phone back to original shape so to speak.

    Tutorial or link to info is much appreciated 🙂

  70. Just rooted my Galaxy Spica with your instructions.
    It worked like a charm.
    The guide was clear and to the point.
    Can u tell me how I can install LiveWallpapers and Apps2SD now?

  71. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
    Just completed successfully rooting my Spica.
    Will eagerly await your next tutorial.
    Good job and more power !

  72. Hey i flashed to the latest firmware JD1..n everything you told worked like a charm.
    but what is the real use of rooting?
    tell us about apps2sd soon..
    n can you also tell how to put livewallpapers..?

    • oops, I just noticed that you have already upgraded and rooted. congratulations!

      The main purpose of rooting is to gain full access to your device’s operating system. Since Android is based on Linux, a root level access means you can change whatever you like in the file system, for example, removing unwanted system-default applications like Myspace.apk, using things like Apps2SD, Live Wallpapers, install custom mods etc.

      As for Apps2SD, the guide is coming very soon. Basically, LeshaK’s kernel already has apps2sd built in, all it needs is to be enabled. It’s the ‘how to’ that needs some elaboration, and you will get that in the guide.

      Personally, with the Froyo announcement, I am pretty excited and hoping samsung will bring it to the Spica. You won’t even be needing apps2sd after that, although rooting would still remain a cool option 🙂

      thanks for reading

    • someone help me is this safe to be rooted? firmware version 2.1-update1

      Baseband version i570edajd1

      kernel version 2.6.29

      chad.lee@SE-s604 #2

      build number ECLAIR.DAJD2

      (pls someone help me to fix this ir really want to root my fon and put some cool stuffs… please………… tnx in advance……….. pls message me for info..

    • better dont touch ur phone, cus 90% of these updates for androids are shit! all they do is fuck up ur phone and thats all, better dont install stranger updates.

  73. I have Firmware version- 2.1
    Baseband Version- i570EDDJB2
    can i follow your guide for my baseband version.

    • What happens if I get my device bricked? Is there a way to get it back to normal?

    • Is this applicable for official release of Eclair 2.1?

      My spec is
      Baseband: i570EDXJC2
      Kernel: 2.6.29 chad.lee@SE-S604 #2
      Build no: ECLAIR.DXJC4
      Location: Singapore (Starhub for APN)

      Thanks for the help,

    • hey do you have msn or gtalk cos i need help with rooting my spica. im totaly new to all this.

    • sir, can i ask for some help please..my samsung spica gt-i5700 hangs up most of the time and im getting annoyed with it already. do you have any suggestions what i need to do to make this work better? below are the phone’s specs:

      firmware version: 2.1-update 1
      baseband version: i570EDAJD1
      kernel version: 2.6.29 chad.lee@SES604 #2
      build number: ECLAIR.DAJD2

      any help would greatly be appreciated..

      thanks you..

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