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AndroSS For Android Takes Screenshots With Hardware Shutter Button

When it  comes to taking screenshots on a rooted Android device, ShootMe is the way to go. It is the best application of its kind on the Market. Whether you’re looking to grab some screenshots for the purpose of reviewing apps, like us, or want to share snapshot portraying issue that you are currently facing with your Android, this app has you covered. However, one feature that it currently misses is taking a screenshot with a hardware button that is mapped to the camera shutter. AndroSS is a free and simple application that allows you to do just that. It is also an open source and ad-free app.

Although AndroSS greatly lacks in features and settings when compared to ShootMe, this one option makes it a handy tool to have, especially if your device has a dedicated hardware shutter button. If you have one on your Android device, well and good. Otherwise, you could try installing an application to your device that lets you remap hardware buttons. ButtonRemapper is one such application. We tested the application on the hardware shutter button sporting Desire Z and found the camera button feature working perfectly.

Testing it on the Nexus S, we used ButtonRemapper to remap the camera shutter to the Search button and again, success.

AndroSS comes with two screenshot triggers, the mentioned hardware shutter button trigger and the acceleration trigger that requires the user to give the device a good shake, just like the aforementioned ShootMe. Screenshots can be saved in three levels of compression labeled PNG, JPG HQ and JPG fast. All screenshots are saved in SD card inside /screenshot folder. In terms of customization, AndroSS provides you control over the way you can set it to notify you of successful screenshot captures.  Various options in this regard comprise enabling toast notifications, sound alerts and vibration. Moreover, the app also supports a persistent mode, enabling which keeps it actively monitoring for new captures.

Note that all applications mentioned in this article require your Android device to have root access. If you haven’t already rooted your device but would like to do so, type “Root YourPhoneModel” in the search bar on top of our page. In fact, we also have a detailed rooting guide meant just for your device. Tegra device owners need not worry about the rooting aspect, since the app will work fine on your devices even if it’s non-rooted.

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