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AppDeals Brings You Discounts On WP7 Apps Straight From Developers

It was a big disappointment to see that there were no major holiday season discounts and deals announced by Microsoft (or Marketplace developers) for Windows Phone 7 apps, while Android and iOS users were showered with Christmas goodies. However, the truth of the matter is, that most Mango apps come with trial versions that are not very limited. Also, a lot of developers keep cutting the price of their apps, but most users don’t get to know about it due to the lack of a proper publicity platform. AppDeals is a new WP7 app which is useful, not just for users, but for developers as well. Using this app developers can tell users all about the discounts, or special deals, they might be handing out for any app in the Marketplace.

AppDeals WP7 AppDeals News

Despite having a pretty unique and useful concept, the app is relatively simple. Although the interface is good, there are just two menus in the app. Last Deals is the area where the top 10 latest deals are displayed. The deals are published by AppDeals’ staff on request from developers. Devs can submit information regarding deals from within the app as well, via the add deal option. Each deal displayed in the app shows a short description of the app, along with the original and discounted price. The amount of discount is also displayed separately as a percentage. The clock icon next to each app’s name shows how much time is left before the deal expires. Tapping any coupon will take you to the app’s official Marketplace page where you can get the app at the displayed price.

App News is all about spreading the word regarding new and upcoming apps. In this section, developers can advertise their apps, and users can find out the latest happenings related to their favorite apps. AppDeals won’t force you to keep checking it again and again, if you are too lazy for that, you can simply set up deal alerts, which will be sent to you by the app via emails or push notifications. If any of your friends are using Windows Phone as well, the app can be used to share your precious finds with them via email or through Facebook and Twitter.

For now, the app is not heavily populated, but once people (especially developers) start finding out about AppDeals, it has the potential of turning into a really useful platform for app discovery. You can download AppDeals for free at the web Marketplace link below.

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