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BackupSMS For Android Lets You Backup And Restore SMS Messages

kAmMa’s BackupSMS is an Android app that lets you easily backup your SMS messages to your phone’s SD card and restore them later. It is one of those apps that do one thing and do it well. Read on for more information and download link.

kAmMa’s BackupSMS has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member kAmMa and is presently in beta stage. The few users who tested it out found it to work without a flaw so far, and so did we. All this app does is letting you take a complete backup of all the SMS messages on your phone and save them to the SD card. You can later restore the SMS messages back to your phone using the same app. It is really helpful for those who try flashing different ROMs to their phones every now and then, and don’t care to manually backup anything but SMS since they have everything else already syncing with their accounts.

kAmAa's BackupSMSDo note that while in beta, the app may behave unexpectedly in situations. There have been a few FC (force close) instances experienced by some users when taking the backup, though there is no report so far of not being able to restore a previously taken backup. However, use it at your own risk while it is in beta testing phase.

You can install kAmMa’s BackupSMS by searching for it at the Android Market. Once you have it installed, you can backup your SMS messages by simply launching kAmMa’s BackupSMS on your phone and tapping ‘Backup to SDCARD’. Provide a file name or choose the default one which uses the current date and time, and you’re done.

To restore your SMS messages from a previously taken backup, launch kAmMs’s BackupSMS and hit the ‘Restore from SDCARD’. Select the backup file that you want to restore and you’re done. Both the backup process and the restore process are very fast. Backups are stored in a folder called ‘backupsms’ on your SD card. There is also an option to delete all messages stored on your phone once you have taken a backup. Just hit the ‘Delete all messages’ button and confirm the prompt.

Probably the best part about BackupSMS is its no-frills approach to what it does. It makes the task so easy, even a child can do it, making it an indispensable ‘does one thing and does it well’ tool for the minimalists amongst us. The app is under active development and you can request features, report bugs and get updates by visiting the thread on XDA-Developers forum and contacting the developer.

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  • Douz

    I use VeryAndroid SMS Backup for my Dorid X. I can do the SMS backup on computer directly. Works great.