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Bitdefender App For Android Updated With Anti-Theft & SD Card Scanning

If you are too concerned about the security of your Android device, then here’s a news that would surely relieve you big time. Bitdefender – a trusted cross-platform antivirus/antimalware solution – has recently updated its Android client with some of the most sought-after security features. While the client itself was covered on our website a couple of months ago, now it’s time to inform you about its latest updates and features. The updated Bitdefender Mobile Security app for Android lets you remotely locate your lost device and wipe vital data on your phone by logging into the Bitdefender website. Also, the updated client comes with the ability to transmit location of your device and scan SD-card upon mount or upon user request. Various other performance tweaks have also been made that we shall look at in detail past the break.

There are plenty of remote device tracing, wiping and controlling apps available in the Google Play Store – some coming from the tech giants whereas some offered by new entrants – but the news of Bitdefender launching its own solution in this regard certainly says enough about the raising concerns of Android users. To avail the recently added Anti-Theft feature of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, you need to link your device with your Bitdefender account. You may visit the bitdefender website from your computer to set up a new account, log in with your Bitdefender account and wipe/locate your device (while logged in). On your device however, you can log in with said account, set device name for easy trace (optional) and toggle Geolocation and Wipe service from the Anti-Theft screen within the app. The Anti-Theft mechanism of Bitdefender Mobile Security resembles that of recently reviewed apps TekTrak and PlanB but said solution certainly brings comprehensive device protection and security features along with providing users with an option to remotely trace and wipe their devices.


SD card scanning feature is also a welcome addition to the app as it allows for secure file transfer between SD card and various devices. On-mount scan auto-scans SD card upon each mount while on-demand scan allows you to manually scan the card anytime you wish. On-mount SD card can option can be toggled On/Off easily from the app.

Bitdefender Mobile Security is still in beta and available for free in the Android Market. If you have Android OS 2.0 or higher, you can download Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android from the Market link provided below and secure your device today.

Download Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

[via mobiputing]


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