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Bleach Bypass For iPhone: Apply Photo Effects While Retaining EXIF Data

There are a lot of comprehensive photo editing apps in iOS, but as we have said in several preview reviews, there is always room for an addition. Most of these apps, remove the EXIF data of the original photos from the edited results. So months later when you view those photos on your computer, you are likely to wonder when and where you took a particular picture, and with which device. If you care about such particulars, but would still like to edit your photos, then Bleach Bypass for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is a must-have for you. The app allows you to apply filters to your photos without removing their EXIF data.

Bleach Bypass Bleach Bypass Effects

Admittedly, this app doesn’t have as many options as some of the other photo editing apps available in the App Store (such as Luminance), but the option of retaining EXIF data is rare, if not unique. Like any photo editing app, Bleach Bypass has two options for choosing photos to edit. You can select an image from the device’s library, or snap a fresh one using the camera.

There are two basic categories under which all effects are listed; Standard effects and Tint effects. The second category, as its name implies, includes color filters while the first contains a mixture of diverse effects. The good thing about these effects is that you can choose their intensity level. This gives a welcome sense of customization to the photo editing aspect of Bleach Bypass. There is a slider for each effect, using which users can control the extent to which the effect changes the photo.

Bleach Bypass Camera Bleach Bypass Edited Photo

In the Settings menu of the app, you can toggle Vignette and Borders. These options can also be tinkered with from within the editing interface. After you are done editing, you can either choose to save the image or share it. The sharing options offered by Bleach Bypass are pretty limited and rely on mailing it to someone (no direct publishing to your social network). But the good thing about this app is that it knows its limitations, and thus, offers the option to transfer photos to other apps. You can export an image edited with Bleach Bypass to any other photo editor simply by tapping the Share button.

The app is free for a limited time on the iTunes App Store. Hurry on to the link provided below to download it.

Download Bleach Bypass

[via FSM]

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