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Buy Homemade & Vintage Items With The Official Etsy App For iPhone

Etsy is the most popular source of online shopping when it comes to getting handmade products. If you are a fan of such items, then the service’s name must be familiar to you. With the holiday season almost upon us, Etsy has chosen a pretty opportune time to release its official iOS app. Now you can browse, search and purchase your favorite handmade items right from your iPhone. Just like the Etsy website, the app offers items of all categories and price ranges. You can get clothing articles, decoration pieces and a whole lot more from the app. The best thing about the Etsy app is the convenience it offers, as everything is arranged into neat categories, and you can order anything or just add it to your shopping cart.

Etsy for iPhone Etsy for iPhone Popular

You don’t need an account to look through the content in Etsy’s online store. You can do almost everything without signing up (except actually ordering something, of course). The app’s homepage lists Popular items sorted by categories.

Etsy for iPhone Categories Etsy for iPhone Details Etsy for iPhone Items

Browsing through categories is not the only option to get articles on Etsy. You can search the app as well. Searching will not only give you the products related to the keywords you typed, but will also bring you the details on the owner of each, and suggestions on other stuff that you might find interesting, based on your previous searches.

Etsy for iPhone Item Description Etsy for iPhone cart

The details page of each item displays its description, history of the product (if available) and price. You can add all chosen items to the cart. From the cart, you can contact the owner and choose a destination where you want the item to be delivered, which might be helpful in calculating the overall cost of the order.

If you’re a regular user of Etsy’s web service, then this app is a must-have. If not, you should still give it a try. It is absolutely free, after all.

Download Etsy For iOS

Update: To help users with the management of their Etsy account, the app has been updated to incorporate Activity feeds, that lets you view your own past activities and purchases made by your friends. If you are looking to sell something, Etsy now offers a complete sales view, letting you see all the bids in one place, along with people who are interested in the items being sold. A small, but useful, feature is that it is possible to convert prices into your local currency.

Update #2: Etsy for Android is now available in the Play Store. It requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run, and can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Download Etsy For Android

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