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C2 For Android Allows Location-Based Photo Sharing With Random Users

Bored? Looking for someone to befriend you? How about interacting with an unknown bloke sitting in a random part of the world by just sharing your photos with them? Fresh to the Android Market, C2 is a fun-filled location-based photo sharing app that connects you to a random user from virtually any part of the world, with whom you may share a string of live photos captured via your device’s camera. All you need to do is snap a quick photo and let the app work its trick. Once an image is captured, the app shares it with a random user and establishes a new connection between you and the user. From thereon, you and your ‘random’ partner can share as many images with each other for as long as you wish to keep the session active. To express your sentiments towards the shared photo, you have the option of choosing from multiple emoticons. The app supports maintaining a detailed log of all the sent and received images, as well as all the users that you’ve partnered via C2. That’s not all; using the app, you may also share the best and most memorable images on Facebook, Twitter and/or Weibo to let the world know of your new friends. Images shared via C2 can be viewed in full screen, and support multi touch gestures so that you may easily rescale, rotate and reposition them on the screen as required.

Photo sharing apps are aplenty in the Android Market, but C2 is somewhat different. It’s all about staying connected with a user for as long as you keep receiving quality images from them, or till you get bored by seeing at the same location again and again. Should this be the case, you can always log out from the session, snap a new image, and let the app connect to you a new random partner from yet another unknown corner of this vast world.


Using the app is as simple as you could ask for. From the app’s start screen, tap the bubble to snap the very first image to get it uploaded it to the C2 cloud, and wait for the app to connect you to a random partner. Once a partner is found, the app lets you know via notification alerts. That’s it. You can now see all the images shared by your partner by simply swiping left/right on the screen. Along with each image, you can view its location and time of sharing, and its relevant distance from you on a bubble.


Tapping the bubble reveals a minimalistic panel that lets you choose an emoticon for the image, grab another image for sharing, share the photo on a required social network(s), move out of the session, or jump to the app’s native grid-style gallery from where you can explore all the users and shared images via relevant tabs.


All in all, C2 is a great way to pass some quality time sharing your live pictures with some complete stranger, just because you intend to see their part of the world through their eyes, and in turn, share your location/photos with them. Alas! The app currently does not let you chat with your partners, neither does it support live video sharing, but still, provided the rather fresh concept that C2 sports, we can assure that you’re going to love every bit of the sharing experience.

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