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Create & Listen To Public Playlists With wahwah.fm For iPhone

There are thousands of radio stations all over the world, and the internet has brought them all within everyone’s reach. You can find any kind of music on the radio these days, but still it is a hectic task trying to find a station which is exactly to your liking. That’s where the awesome new iOS app named wahwah.fm can help you. Using this app on iPhone, anyone can create their very own radio channel and start broadcasting songs they like. The playlists shared over wahwah.fm are public, and users can listen to them. If you really think that a broadcaster’s shares match your taste closely, it is possible to follow them on the app, so you can stay up to date with their activity. Read on to know more about wahwah.fm.

wahwah.fm iPhone wahwah.fm Suggested Users

First of all, you will have to create a new account for the app using your email ID (there is also the option to use your Facebook account to sign in). wahwah.fm also requests you to choose a new username and password if you haven’t used the service before on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you chose to connect Facebook with the app during the sign up procedure, you will be given a list of users according to your tastes and social network, and it is also possible to follow any of them. Then wahwah.fm will give you a graphical tutorial of the app’s usage. There are just two main sections of the app, My Radio and Radios around.

wahwah.fm Radio around wahwah.fm User Radio

To listen to playlists which are currently on air, to go to the Radios around menu, which is divided into two subsections; People and Recommended. The People menu contains shares from people you are following or whose shares are popular right now. To get suggestions based on your previous history on the app, there is the Recommended section. To listen to any of the listed playlists, and you will be taken to the app’s player. You have to tap the play button in the top left to get things started, and it is possible to send your feedback to the broadcaster via the messaging option in the player. Users can also view the details of people who are also listening to the same playlist.

To create a playlist of your own, go to the My Radio tab and after you have tweaked your profile to perfection, you can become a DJ in wahwah.fm. A pretty decent app overall, specially when you look at its price tag of $0.

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