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Customize Notification Banner & Font Color With Vexillum [Cydia Tweak]

The Cydia store has a lot of tweaks and widgets for the Notification Center, like the recently covered Lorem, but you will be hard pressed to find tweaks which will let you customize the notifications, instead of the whole NC. However, now we do have a tweak which will let you personalize the way individual notifications appear on your iPhone screens. Vexillum is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices which will let you change the color of the notification banner, as well as the color of the font used within the notifications. Read on to know all about this cosmetic tweak for iOS 5.

Vexillum Vexillum Banner Color

Once installed, Vexillum will not add any new icons on your iPhone or iPod touch’s Springboard, and the only addition is the new menu for the tweak in the Settings app. You have to customize the colors from within that menu. Navigate to it, and two options are listed there; Banner Color and Font Color. No matter which option you choose, they are both laid out in pretty much the same manner. You have to adjust the three Red, Green and Blue sliders to get the color of your choice. A small preview box at the top of the screen will keep showing you the color you have created, and you can perfect it according to your needs by adjusting the respective slider. Make sure that you keep the banner and font colors a bit distinctive so that they don’t merge, rendering the text invisible within the banners. Of course, the font color in areas of OS that the notification points to will remain unchanged, but the notification are revamped completely. Admittedly, you are bound to have some trouble in order to get the color tint absolutely right, as the combination between the banner and font colors has to be perfect to give the whole thing a polished look.

Vexillum is a free tweak, and you can grab it by going to the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store. In our experience, the tweak did not work with the iPad, but things went smoothly when we tried it with iPhone 4. While having sliders for creating new colors ensures an unlimited choice, it also takes away the convenience and efficiency that could have been a part of Vexillum had it supported a pallet of fixed colors. The tweak can become better than it currently is if the developer adds the option to choose between color sliders and color palette as the primary mode of editing.


    • Are you using an iPad? As mentioned in the post, the tweak is not compatible with the iPad. For iPhone, we tested it again and it still works fine for us.

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