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Eye Spy: Find Places Of Interest With Augmented Reality View [WP7]

Even a budding platform like Windows Phone 7 has got a nice collection of apps which are focused on letting their users discover places near them, without having to gaze at a map for too long. We have covered quite a few such apps ourselves, like Poynt, Next2Me and From Here. Eye Spy is a new addition to the list of place-discovery apps, and it comes with the distinguishing feature of having an augmented reality view of many places it finds. Read past the break to find more about this useful app.

Eye Spy WP7 Eye Spy Favorites

As soon as Eye Spy is launched, you have to allow the app to access your current location. This is done because the app displays suggestions related to your current location on its homepage. There are two ways of discovering places in your vicinity; you can search for something in particular, or you can rely on the app’s automatically created suggestions. The app has a refreshingly good interface, and the options within are very metro styled. The app doesn’t have a lot of options in the Settings menu, and you can just choose the search radius of the places you look for.

Eye Spy Categories Eye Spy Categories Filters

If you go to the Suggestions menu of the app, there is an array of tiles waiting for you, listing the categories of places you can look for. The range listed by Eye Spy is pretty impressive, and you can find just about anything from restaurants to banks, and much more. However, instead of places being listed haphazardly under each category, you have to choose a filter which can be considered a subcategory, so instead of having to sift through all the restaurants in your area, you can look for a particular dish and Eye Spy will tell you the places where you can find the requested food item. Not only that, the app also gives detailed info about places of interest, along with the directions to get there, and their map view.

Eye Spy Maps Eye Spy Place Details

For every place you come across in Eye Spy, there is the option to match it against an augmented reality view of it, using the app’s built-in viewer. The app also lists telephone numbers and web & email addresses for most places. As Eye Spy uses an API from FourSquare, it comes with a rating for places, and results are based on these ratings and reviews.

Eye Spy has a fully featured free version, which comes with the only drawback of being ad-supported. You can get rid of the ads by paying $1.49.

Download Eye Spy Free

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