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Get Instant Help On Complex Regular Expressions With Regex Pro [iPad]

If you are a geek who eats, sleeps and drinks programming, then the term ‘regular expressions’ is not something foreign to you. Since regular expressions often take up fifty percent of your programming load, therefore, a handy regex guide is something every coder desires. If this holds true for you, then you might want to give Regex Pro Quick Guide for iPad a try. The app comprises regular expressions from all major programming languages along with tutorials about the use of regular expressions in programming, search engine optimization, relational databases etc. Regex Pro covers a broad domain of programming languages whose details you can view after the break.

regex pro

Regex Pro has the standard dual-pane user interface with contents in the left sidebar and a detailed description of each section on the right side. This app is very helpful for amateur programmers as it gives a detailed introduction about the use and importance of regular expressions in programming and search engines. Just tap on any section and you will get details of regular expressions pertaining to it along with simple examples. You can also search regular expressions for a particular term in the search bar above the side menu.

The functionality of Regex Pro is not limited to programming, it has regular expressions for IP addresses, ZIP Codes, Currency and Dates as well.

Do give Regex Pro a try if you have a nasty algorithm to code as your semester project. The app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes App Store, unlike its Android, WP7 and BlackBerry variants.

Download Regex Pro Quick Guide

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