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GobyNote: Virtual Wallet, To-Do List & Notes Manager For Android

There is no shortage of to-do list and task management apps in the Android Market, but few combine stylish looks with purposeful features like GobyNote. Developed by XDA member GobyLeung, GobyNote is a welcome addition to the list of to-do list management Android apps. Be it your personal diary, notes, checklists, important events, or anything that you simply can’t afford to forget, the app lets you maintain a detailed list of everything under separate personalized folders. For the security of your sensitive information (bank account numbers, SSNs, passwords and important documents), the app also offers a safety wallet with dual password protection support. That’s not all; GobyNote also sports a rich text editor, custom icons for folders, an emoticon library and checklist feature so that you can prepare and maintain your notes in a personalized manner. Event reminders, a detailed log of upcoming and overdue tasks, a nifty homescreen widget, and an extremely simple-to-use interface are the other prominent features of the app.

The app’s clean and uncluttered looks are reminiscent of previously reviewed Any.DO app. However, considering number of features, GobyNote is far ahead of most of its competitors.


Continuing with the extensive list of options that the app supports, you can create diary entries and to-do lists from templates to save time and effort. Then there is an option to define a specific text color as well as notification tone for your most important tasks. Long-pressing on any entry within the app reveals a context menu that houses common actions such as edit, delete, move and Mark Completed (applies to to-do tasks only).


Another useful feature of GobyNote is the option to create custom folders, complete with custom categories, icons and elements. Using said option, you can create and manage an entirely separate segment within the app that caters to specific to-do list and notes management needs. In this way, you may continue managing general tasks and notes via the app’s generic interface while using personalized folders to manage, say, your office tasks, to-do lists, diaries et al.


Tapping a button reveals all the entries created under it. Tapping the ‘+’ button at the top-right of the screen lets you create a new entry, whereas the arrow icon lets you reorder/filter tasks on the screen as required. The app’s settings screen (Menu > Preferences) allows you to define and enable the Wallet Password(s). From the same screen, you can adjust various notification settings, Import/Export app content (backup & restore), and wipe the app’s cache.


GobyNote has a free and $1.30 variant in the Android Market. The paid version frees you from the restriction of creating a maximum of six folders, as is the case with the free version.

Download GobyNote Free

Download GobyNote (Paid)

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. Found this app the other day. It seems surprisingly better than a lot of other apps and there are a lot of other organization and calendar and wallet apps. It’s very clean and concise. The colours are modern and clean. And I love how flexible it is; you can modify just about anything. I haven’t used organizational apps before, but this one may replace my native calendar app. Test it out for a couple more weeks.

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